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Then other people use our hard earned information and claim it for themselves. I hardly every see any attribution to the source they claim to have. This was the worst download up date I have ever experienced. I am so very disappointed. Eric, FTM should run fine on Windows 7 and above, as long as you have a fast enough processor and sufficient RAM and free hard drive space. MacKiev does not offer telephone support. They provide support only by email and live chat.

Keep in mind that tens of thousands of people upgraded to FTM , so their technical support is probably swamped. After many, many attempts with filling out support requests and trying to get a live chat going, I finally connected through their live chats on this date…15 days after I downloaded FTM I was with this person for one hour and 31 minutes and have the transcript to prove it. Were they able to solve my problem,i.

They tried various suggestions which I implemented, but it failed to solve the problem. The next step is a Team Viewer Session where they connect with my computer and try to fix the problem. I want to share my nightmare with others about FTM My August 1 attempt to solve the problem over their chat line was to do the Team Viewer Session. I sent Crash logs and did clean boots. At one time I lost my internet connect, somehow it got on airplane mode. Finally I was told that they were concerned because this was a deep problem and their engineers will have to work on it.

The only way it would start was to restart my computer and turn on FTM. Their suggestion while we wait for the engineers to solve the problem was to make my FTM a read only. That was it after spending three days and a total of 4 hours and 54 minutes. I said I want my money back and I will do my family tree work on ancestry. Eric, I agree with you. This was not advised when asked to upgrade — I just found out after upgrading. I do not want to upload my tree to Ancestry even if it is private to enable these hints to work.

I think Ancestry is a money hungry monopoly! Even if you make your tree private it becomes the property of Ancestry. Read their terms and agreement. I got my money back and am not upgrading. Looking to start using Legacy 9. I have used FTM on Macs for many years, syncing with my Ancestry trees, and was a test driver for Mac test versions 1. My Ancestry trees were linked in FTM 3. I have very little confidence in the software, and MacKiev customer support is unresponsive at best. If RootsMagic reviews continue to be positive, I will switch to that product.

Gregg, experiences with syncing in FTM vary. Best practice is to sync in only one direction at a time, although technically FTM can sync both FTM and Ancestry changes simultaneously. But your experience illustrates once again the importance of keeping current backup copies. They should have had a gameplan to deal with the increased support requests. I keep my tree private for a reason…. I am also unhappy that I had to put my family tree information on Ancestry. I also put the restrictions on for private; however, I can not help but wonder if 50 years from now, if there is still an Ancestry.

The disposition of digital, online assets after death is a major issue that affects not just Ancestry, but all your online accounts and everything you store there. I have a completely different view. I want all my hard work researching to be helpful to everyone. My tree is public and I add lots more notes and information I find as well as research I have done. I hope that when I die that my actual profile becomes available for others to see. One issue that was not mentioned is that there are some collections in which the citation media does not sync from Ancestry.

I am aware of 11 collections, all German. I work from Ancestry and sync to FTM. The media is present in my Ancestry Gallery. Trini, do the media actually belong to Ancestry or to a partner like FmailySearch? If the former, have you submitted a bug report to MacKiev or Ancestry? Each time using the FTM Web Search feature, I receive a message indicating that the browser being used is not compatible.

This is a real annoyance. Using, for example, Chrome to directly connect to Ancestry. But be prepared to wait for a response. Keith, thanks. She suggested that I reset Internet Explorer, which I did using the advanced internet options within the program. The message still appeared stating that I was not using an approved browser or the latest version of an approved browser.

As Internet Explorer is included as part of Windows 10, there apparently is no independent way to download and re-install Internet Explorer at least not for Windows Internet Explorer which is being deprecated by Microsoft in favor of Edge is updated when other Windows 10 components are updated. And, I have the latest version of Windows 10 Version Both Ancestry. It would be great if FTM included the ability of a user to designate the browser. For example, my primary browser is Chrome. When I use Chrome to access Ancestry. I suggest you and other readers submit a feedback report at http: Since IE is being deprecated, as you point out, FTM will have to change the way it uses browsers anyway.

Thank you for contacting the FamilySearch support team about the message you are receiving about upgrading to a newer version of your browser.. Since you are already using the newest version of Chrome, it would seem this message is in error. You stated that you are using Family Tree Maker and attempting to access Family Search through this genealogy program. Here is information directly from the Family Tree Website:. We suggest you contact customer service at Family Tree Maker since we do not support this software. We hope this information will solve your problem and apologize for any confusion from the error message you are getting.

You can view your case details, including relevant knowledge articles in the Help Center by clicking the link below. You may be required to sign in. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us directly by phone or chat. Click on for details. We can search FamilySearch directly from FTM and have been able to for quite some time, well before version Keith — I appreciate your review. I, too, like others do not want an identical tree on both, and have no desire to Sync them.

Thanks for your research and analysis and reviews. It is really too bad that Ancestry and MacKiev could not provide the same insights to their customers. Kathleen, to answer your questions: Also, I recommend you go ahead and upload your tree to Ancestry so that you can get the hints, which are a valuable part of your Ancestry subscription. Just check the boxes to keep your tree private and out of the Ancestry search index. I think MacKiev did a pretty good job of fixing the major bugs.

As always, make sure you back-up your trees first, just in case you run into problems. I have had an issue since installing the upgrade. Frances, I hope you gave MacKiev more information than you put in your comment. Which platform are you using Mac or Windows? Where you trying to merge from Ancestry or FamilySearch? Is the gender of the husband and wife correct in your family tree? Good review. I waited until yesterday to install the new software, and then followed the instructions to use backup and restore to copy my tree to the laptop.

Everything worked great, and I now have my tree on my mac laptop for the first time. When I am on FTM and click on a green leaf it tells me to log in my screen jumps , sign up for free 14 day trial. Bob, you need to have a subscription to Ancestry. If you already have one, just log in to your Ancestry account from the Plan tab or main menu.

Does this not happen? Great review, Keith. I do not have a tree on Ancestry and rarely, if ever, using the leaf hint; but I do use the Merge to merge new data into my database. I particularly like this since it saves me a lot of typing and I have arthritis. Will I need to upgrade to continue to use the Merge? Will it force me to upload a tree to Ancestry? Or will it work with my FTM The typing that the merge feature saves me is what has prevented me from going to any other software as my primary data entry source.

You can also search and merge data manually from Ancestry in the Web Search tab; just search from Google, Yahoo, or Bing, or create a new Personal search site using https: This method might also work for Or just links? Wayne, The default setting is for the documents and photos to download to your computer and be stored in your FTM media folder, assuming you have an Ancestry account. You can choose not to merge media each time you merge a hint from Ancestry. I have so many docs and photos in Ancestry and I want to make sure I control a copy of each one as backup for safety. Keith, one question further if I might—when you first go into Ancestry with FTM, do all media come over automatically or do you have to do each person separately?

Wayne, if you download your tree from Ancestry into FTM, which is presumably what you would do anyway, then all media will download automatically. Depending on how many people are in your tree, how many media you have, and your internet connection, it could take a while for your whole tree to download. If I recall correctly, it will download the data first ie, names, dates, relationships and then the media.

Obviously it has to have something to attach the media to. I have used Family Tree Maker since its creation and have had no trouble with syncing my tree right up to the upgrade and there is over people and over media items on my tree. Since upgrading to FTM I tried to update my tree for weeks without success, I must have sent 20 or more emails through their system for help on trying to sync my trees, never even got a response from MacKiev.

I never had an issue with contact with the previous owners. I did try some of the help items on the online help and I did manage to get the tree to sync, it nearly took two days. Syncing is not as quick, and now each new sync takes at least 4 hours even for the simplest change. The original sync that I did manage to do all my media items and people were synced okay. Unfortunately since then I can sync new people but have not been able to sync any new media items even though it takes 4 hours to go through the sync process and there is no error message. I have now cancelled my subscription to Ancestry and gone to Find My Past and I have been using Legacy which so far has been great.

I had trouble with FTM not syncing 3 trees I have had on Ancestry for years and in the process, unlinked all of them. I had been hanging on with them since Feb so I ordered that day then never received the message with download instructions. Wrote to them weeks ago about that with no response. Just downloaded FTM — getting it from their website made me go through screens as if I was a new customer rather than a loyal FTM one for over 10 years. But another unlinked tree could not connect to Ancestry at all. When I went to upload, did not recognize tree on Ancestry, so wants to make new tree — not doing it — Ancestry folks advised against that months ago.

And I noticed that the small tree that just went through FamilySync no longer appears in the list of Ancestry trees. My most precious large tree is not going anywhere near this process. I am starting to worry that any connection between FTM and Ancestry will be disastrous for my research work over many years.

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MacKiev support wanted to take over my computer as part of their help steps in Feb — no reputable company ever asks that! At least I did not have computer problems yet — will see what happens when the co-pilot program goes on in 48 hours. I want my money back. When I think something is not working, I express that concern to the company. When the situation gets better, I feel the improvement should also be noted. Initially, my tree files would not sync after terrible problems and unlinking of all trees during the winter with FTM I downloaded FTM last week and had trouble syncing trees again.

My second attempt was much better. On the second try a few days ago, I was able to link all 3 trees with no apparent problems. Also, that tree indicated I had not invited anyone to the tree which is not the case. Although the situation is much better than it was several months ago, these particular glitches make me nervous about whether the sync is actually complete.

Today I ran the co-pilot program, which only took a few minutes, and completed the survey sending my comments above to FTM.

I have been such a loyal user over the years, I am rooting for FTM but it has been a rugged road thus far. I have upgraded…NOW, I need to know—is there any way to get a report of people who are not attached to anyone in the file so I can eliminate these individuals? Check the all individuals on the right. Just discovered your report! Great article. Thank you. I was just about ready to forget FTM all together. I have been using since day 1. I waited until the roll out of No Bugs right? Still unable to use sync.

Takes forever to download. When creating a report: I like to create and send as an rtf. Can no longer make changes to the document. If you remove it makes the document unreadable etc. So so very frustrated. Keith, i have used RootsMagic close to 20 years on windows.

RM has recently developed Mac programs but it appears it is not perfect yet. Please give me your opinion. Ray, I reviewed RootsMagic here: While it has much to recommend it, especially for Windows users, the Mac version is just the Windows version in wrapper than can be run on Macs.

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If they ever develop a native Mac version, I might be able to recommend it more heartily, with reservations about the source citations. FTM is still my preferred app for the Mac, although it could stand a facelift. Some users have reported issues syncing with Ancestry, but I think most of them use the Windows version.

Unfortunately, FTM does not have a free trial, unlike RM which actually has a completely free version. Why not try out RM on your Mac first? This is not quite so bad and I just delete them as I come across them. Found that email support for FTM is pretty much non existent. I have never had a reply to any of the emails I have sent to FTM. If you want someone to help you, ring or join the on-line chat. This was extremely helpful! Have you worked much with Roots Magic on Mac? Synching will solve this problem. Roots Magic runs on the Mac now and also synchs. Vince, I reviewed RootsMagic 7 here: Aside from a few gripes, FTM still meets my needs, and RootsMagic feels like a step backwards for me in most respects.

Thank you, Keith! This is exactly the kind of details I had hoped to find. I agree that the UI feels clumsy, and frankly, unattractive. The default displays remind me of a dot matrix printer or the primitive fonts on computers I used in the 80s. Your thoroughness is much appreciated. Any advice would be welcome. Laurelle, only a small fraction of users experience serious problems with FTM.

But if you want to try an alternative to FTM that includes Ancestry functionality, you need to look at RootsMagic, not Legacy, which does not have this feature. RootsMagic has a free version that includes Ancestry integration. I find RootsMagic better for Windows than Mac. FTM works well on both Windows and Mac. I have used Family Tree Maker versions since Broderbund owned it many moons ago and have put more money into it than I want to think about for the upgrades over the years. It has always been my favorite piece of software for doing my family history on the computer but I have to say that I have seriously been disappointed with this newest version.

I have about a dozen trees varying in size from about individuals to my personal tree of over 40, individuals and it cannot handle sync very well at all with my larger trees. It takes many hours for the largest tree to sync with only a few additions to it. I have been told it is my internet connection but seriously doubt that as I have Google Fiber and can download and upload at lightening fast speeds anywhere but Ancestry.

I would love to blame Ancestry. The tree that has 20, plus individuals has as many problems syncing as the largest file does and I have not tried it with the smaller ones just because they are less important and not necessary to sync. I would love to have had more positives to leave in this note about a software that I have loved for 20 years but I am just not happy with at all.

I have a friend who has used the last three versions of it, and is so terribly disappointed in it and upset at how slow it is especially with merging information from Ancestry. I hope that they continue to work to try to resolve the issues and will push us out an update to fix it soon, but I am not going to hold my breath. Kimberly, I understand your disappointment and frustration.

I can only suggest the following: Report your problems at http: However, part of the problem could very well be with Ancestry. If RootsMagic can sync your tree without problems, then the problem probably really lies with FTM, but if it also has problems, it might be Ancestry. Yes, Keith, I am using Windows version and I have done all of the above as well as making phone calls to Ancestry. It is hurry up and wait now to see if they actually decide to fix the issues and patch or just leave them lie.

I know that I am not the only one having the same issues with this software. I have tried working with them both, every way imaginable and get little or no response. This is the only reasonable suggestion I have had in months that might help determine whether it is actually the software or the website. Thank you for recommending it. I hope that the free version of Roots will allow for the large tree to be used.

Soon, hopefully! I just purchased FTM ugrade from FTM version, transferred the files, now the relation ship calculator is calling some G,Grandfathers, Ist cousins, or husband of my Aunt who ever he is, I always thought he was my Uncle, but who am I? I have spent the last 48 hours manually transferring the addition people I added before problem was noticed back to the original rogramme. Jim, please report your problem at http: Good thing you kept a good back-up file!

How about MacKiev extending the special upgrade price until Nov 1, so people can see if the new update is any better? You can suggest that to them, but keep in mind they had originally planned to end the upgrade price right after FTM was released in July. Does FTM automatically connect to the internet, and if so, can the feature be turned off? However, if you do not enter login information for Ancestry or FamilySearch, then FTM cannot and will not automatically search the Internet.

Leaving Internet connected for FTM is harmless and in fact enables the application to check for updates. This is a good idea because MacKiev does push out updates containing bug fixes and improvements periodically. I would love to upgrade my current version of Family Tree so I can pick up where I dropped of in doing my family research. I believe I left off in As it stands now I cannot go into the program and retrieve any of my information.

Hi Loretta, what is your current version of Family Tree Maker? Can you open the program at all? If so, can you open your family tree file? How you upgrade depends on which version of FTM you have. If your version is older than , then you must first convert your file using the Family Tree Maker Starter Edition, as explained here: You can download Rootsmagic for free at http: I have a version of FTM and have been able to get what I need prior to this week. All Ancestry connectivity has been turned off in versions prior to Is there any way to still download photos, images, etc. I missed the notice about them cutting off access in January or whatever and we have hundreds of images.

Alternatively, you could try RootsMagic, which has a free version that should allow you to download an entire Ancestry tree into RootsMagic. FTM This version of Family Tree Maker is a 0 on a scale of It keeps crashing. And, often, after the crash when I reopen it, the last things I have merged from Ancestry or typed in myself come up as. I figured out how to fix these most of the time. But, it is a long and tedious process and does not always work. It is so frustrating. I am ready to get some other program and pitch Family Tree Maker out.

I reviewed some aspects of Legacy here. I have been using the last iMac version of FTM since July and all went well until two weeks ago or so. I keep getting this message since about 2 weeks: The computer is connected at 10 Mbs.

Welcome to the Software MacKiev Education Store!

I can even go to the Ancestry site using FTM. It correctly brings me from my FTM tree at Ancestry, to the web site and to the correct tree. But, when I try to Sync I get this abovestated error and Sync does not work. Error 2: Also when I Sync, some of the Syncs merge well. Others give you the impression that they have Synced to FTM but when you come back to the ancestor person in question, it shows up again as not having been synced at all.

Error 3: Error 4: It may have been removed or it may not yet been indexed. Please check again later. Rarely got this note before…. I have sent a series of Sync Error notices but have not received an answer yet. The chap on the Chat line did tell me though that there is an upgrade coming that might fix this but he was not sure when….

This makes me very worried. I am presently not sure I will continue with FTM. We will see. Thank You again. I did compact the files and I was aware of the point of avoiding to have both FTM and Ancestry open at the same time. I tried that also. I have several backups because one of my trees has over 11 marriage and some 40K archived files so you might understand my worries. I do think the FTM is a very good product and it is so sad because it worked so well for so many years. I do hope the FTM guys can come up with some suggestions. Be aware that it could take a while to download all your media.

Also be aware that your Ancestry tree does not contain everything that your FTM tree has. Very wise, thank you. I will wait for another week before going that direction hoping that the FTM guys can get back to me. Have a great week and many thanks. Or…even maybe…do the reverse, take my tree from FTM on my iMac,,, change its name and upload it to Ancestry as a new tree.

Yes, I think it would be better to try re-uploading a tree to Ancestry, since FTM may have more data. Before you do that, you might try exporting a tree from the Extended Family Chart. There might be a corrupted file or something attached to your tree that is causing problems. This process is supposed to remove any corrupted data. I discuss the process in an old article about splitting a tree, but instead of splitting it, you would just select all individuals in your tree. The article is here: The test log is a little different.

Dare I ask, how simple would it be to convert my FTM 14 tree, with documents, into RootsMagic which may be an option rather than being robbed by MacKiev for a product that seems to have a few significant issues? Even syncing has changed, since it uses a whole new API the same one used by RootsMagic , and you can now sync a tree with multiple devices instead of only one. It also contains new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. It should be fairly easy to download your Ancestry tree into RootsMagic, to include all your documents.

Family Tree Maker includes:

So if you updated to the MacKiev version, you will first have to export your tree in an older FTM format such as See this article: Besides more reliable syncing, the update offers practical improvements in color coding, tree backgrounds, and sync weather reporting all covered in the new Companion Guide. So hopefully this update will be released soon and fix most of the lingering issues with FTM Keith, thanks for your information. I have only worked on my trees 2 on Ancestry. Anyway, can you advise me regarding purchase of FTM My sense is that most of the problems are with the Windows version.

I think you can safely buy now. An update with bug fixes and performance improvements will be released soon no date given yet , and you will receive that update for free. However, this is not ideal as it does not save all images attached to your tree. Be sure to update this backup periodically, and set FTM to backup automatically when you quit the application.

If I want one I have to pay for it. What a ripoff. I am a longtime user of FTM and never had to pay a separate price for manual before.

Family Tree Maker 2017: Plan Workspace

David, the manual is included in PDF format with the application, as it has been since I have the FTM disk, and there was no printed manual then, either. Thanks for all the great info. However I would like to buy a gedcom program for my kids so I can give them a gedcom file. Can you recommend a program of should I just bite the bullet and buy multiple copies of FTM?

It can even open FTM files created in versions or earlier. There are editions for both Mac and Windows. Checking my current version of Family Tree Maker version 6. What could possibly go wrong!! You must first convert your file using the Family Tree Maker Starter Edition, as explained here: I am looking to convert RM7 to a Mac program.

FTM seems to be one alternative. Is there some way to know whats going to happen with out buying the FTM first? Just be aware that not everything is uploaded from RM to Ancestry. This will download your entire tree, including media and sources. There are thousands of satisfied FTM users, including me although I have my gripes about it , but like any other product, there is a small percentage of users who are not satisfied. Most problems seem to pertain to syncing with Ancestry, but as long as you can download your tree from Ancestry to FTM, you should be fine, at least initially.

I hope that gives you an outline of what to do and expect, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I want to know if the speed of operation for is different in any way from FTM14? I am not satisfied with that but unsure if I want to swtich back to FTM17! Susan, One of the improvements touted by Software Mackiev is an improvement in speed and performance. Keep in mind that your system configuration also plays an important role in performance processor, RAM, free disk space, Windows version, etc.

Thanks Keith for your reply and endurance. My processor has always been current with disc space, RAM etc. I did look closer today at some of the other posts I did not read yesterday and speed seems to be unsatisfactory with others. Keith, At one point you wrote that you would stick with FTM since you were able to pay the upgrade price, but you would have to think long and hard about it if you were being charged the full price. Have your thoughts changed any since? Have you read my reviews of them?

My review of Reunion is here ; links to the other reviews are at the bottom. To me, your real alternatives are RootsMagic or Legacy. Thank you for your prompt and helpful response! However, I am interested in doing this correctly, sources no accurately, and having a program that will be around for a while. Does FTM keep all the data imported photos, etc. Your willingness to share your experience is greatly appreciated! FTM and prior links to all imported files. You can either link to files in their current location, or have them all copied not moved into a single media folder.

As I recall, MacFamilyTree copies all files into a hard-to-reach and ever-growing package which is a type of file in the Library folder, which I did not care for. Thank you! I read that somewhere about MFT. Your website is extremely helpful, and thank you for all of the reviews. Happy New Year! I would like to know if I can uninstall my old versions of Family Tree Maker without affecting the version that I now have. I am also having problems with it freezing and have to shut down my computer to get out of it. Yes, you can uninstall the old versions. Try using Task Manager to end the process.

I currently have FTM version 10 and Windows Karen, FTM 10 is quite old, having been released in Or did you mean ? In any case, you have no choice but to buy the full version of FTM Correct, you are not required to sync to Ancestry, but it is an option. Be aware that if you want to receive green leaf hints from Ancestry assuming you have a subscription , you MUST upload a tree and keep it linked with Ancestry.

After downloading the program, I synced with Ancestry and the process was painless and straightforward. The only time it took was the transfer of docs and photos expected. I let this run overnight. But so far, I think it is worth it to create a separate tree that I control apart from Ancestry. Thanks for your insights. There are some file size and type limits when uploading to Ancestry; from the Companion Guide: Images need to be in one of these formats: I purchased the FTM and installed it on my desktop. I now want to load in onto my laptop.

I got the program loaded, but am having problems backing the info from the desktop to an external drive to transfer. Very little of it transferred. Can you advice how to go about this? Karen, The steps to backup and restore a family tree are listed in both the Help and the Companion Guide. Just started using my version of FTM. I had been using a very old version. I am having trouble with the screen freezing and having to shut the computer down and rebooting it. I am running Windows Also I was hoping that there would be an option to print a family group sheet batch.

It would be so much easier to get all of the families when I am printing. This is quite a learning curve for me. About the best you can do is save each one as a PDF and then print them all at once. Yes, Activity Monitor usually in the Utilities folder under Applications. If any apps are not responding aka frozen , they will show up in red and you can force quit them.

You can also quickly force quit unresponsive apps by pressing these keys simultaneously: Sometimes they can appear to be unresponsive even to macOS , but if you give them enough time, they will recover. I have not had FTM freeze up or crash in a long time. Mine does not freeze. But, it crashes. The computer does not turn off nor do I have to reboot.

I have to start the software again. I have reported it and provided the error report. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed when the updated version comes out. This happens to me a lot; yesterday I let it hang just to see how long and finally rebooted after three hours. For me, this has been the biggest problem so far. Yes, Theresa. It most often happens when I am making a correction or adding something to an item downloaded from Ancestry. The other day, I downloaded a death date and place.

When I tried to add the cause of death which his living daughter gave me , it crashed. I then, reopen FTM. I have to select the correct file. It does not restart at the person on whom I was working. Hello, I am wanting to update my Family Tree Maker so I can get the Ancestry website hints again and upload my updated tree to Ancestry. I am confused on what will be best?? I have a lot of money and time spent on my trees in the Family Tree Maker. Any suggestions?? Joannie, yes, FTM includes connectivity to Ancestry. RootsMagic 7 offers a similar feature called TreeShare, and they have a free version you can download at http: You can upload your tree directly to Ancestry, just like FTM.

I have experienced everything from duplication of individuals to lengthy, incomplete syncs. Most of the issues I encountered others have commented on in previous posts. I am less than impressed with the final product. I agree with your observations, especially about the appearance and that they need to update it. My current problem is with scale up. I have a new computer with a 4K screen.

Also, some of the pointers are so tiny they are no more than a large dot. I have sent multiple emails to FTM tech support seeking assistance. They usually make me wait for a week or more before they get back to me and when they do they ask for all the same things screenshots, etc. Then they offer silly useless suggestions that do nothing to improve the clarity or the pointer size.

One tech told me that the problem was with my computer, not them. They suggested that I contact FTM and emphasize my issues so that they make every effort to correct scale up deficiencies. I have, and there has been no response from FTM. Why buy a new computer with a high resolution screen if FTM is unable to scale up acceptably? This problem has rendered FTM, and thus my favorite hobby, nearly unusable on my new computer.

I was looking forward to crystal clear resolution. My question is, what is the best program to use if you are dedicated to Windows? I have had it with FTM. Their support is awful and their product is average, at best. This can be very helpful for urgent issues or those that would be easier as a discussion than an email exchange. Facebook Group. There are excellent unofficial but very active Facebook groups which you might want to consider joining. They have many very experienced users who are generous in sharing their time and wisdom to help other users solve problems and learn new tricks.

Replacement Copies. We have set up an online Replacement Center which is always open. The Center provides free replacements for those with FTM or Mac 3 and later, and discounted upgrade replacements for older editions. Home Page: Links on the home page include:. Any Questions?

If you have questions for us, please first read our FAQ as we've tried to answer the most common ones there. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please send your question through our Feedback Form which you'll find on our FTM Home Page see above. Whether you've had a hard drive crash, are moving to a new computer, or just need to reinstall FTM but your activation code doesn't work anymore, you can use the Replacement Center 24 hours a day to get a fresh copy.

Here's how:.

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Getting a Replacement Download 1. Click "for additional assistance" at the bottom of the page. Click the Replacement Center tile.

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The Replacement Center checks that you have a copy of FTM or Mac 3 registered with Ancestry and then provides you with a free fresh link by email. Note that what you get will be a full free-standing installer, so it won't be looking for your old copy, a disc, or anything else. You will also notice that the replacement copy installer doesn't ask you for an activation code. That's because we don't use them. Well, we don't like them ourselves, so we decided a long time ago we weren't going to torment our customers with them. Instead, we use this old-fashioned thing called the honor system.

It's been working pretty well for us for more than two decades now, so don't expect us to be changing that any time soon. From MacKiev Software. If you are on the mailing list and have version FTM or Mac 3 or later, you will get your newsletter next week with news especially for you, so please be patient.

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone! If you've been trying hard to resist upgrading to the new MacKiev edition, well quick, cover your eyes, close this email or just jump to the next article, because we are about to share three potentially irresistible reasons to make your move:. So if you haven't upgraded yet from your older Ancestry edition of Family Tree Maker FTM or Mac 2 and older , and you've read this far, no more excuses.

Here's the situation. You're upgrading to our new edition of Family Tree Maker and you have your tree still linked to your old edition. Because now you can take your link with you. When you open your tree in our edition, the link will move somewhat magically if you ask me right along with the tree.