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GBP 5, Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions: The Very Best Of Stevi Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac: Emerald Music Ireland emimusic Emerald Music Ireland. SARA TUSK GYPSY 5. Condition description ranges are: Substantial defects are noted, minor defects may not be mentioned.

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Share View More Details. More About This Item. Item Overview. Fleetwood Mac Provenance: Auction Details. But it's also a statement of purpose: After the occasionally odd detours Lindsey Buckingham took on 'Tusk,' the band got back to the lean, smart songcraft that fueled their two prior hit albums.

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The last album released by the classic quintet before their reunion LP 'Say You Will' is a mixed listen. By this time, Nicks, McVie and Buckingham were saving their best songs for their solo albums. The standout single was written and almost entirely performed by Buckingham, who originally slated it for a solo record.

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  • It reached No. It's well-known that 'Rumours' was based on the dissolving personal relationships between the band members at the time both Buckingham and Nicks and John and Christine McVie broke up as 'Rumours' was being made.

    Lot 229: Signed Fleetwood Mac Tusk Album

    This song added a professional wrinkle to the turmoil. The breakup song was later released as a single from the live album 'The Dance' and included on the reissue of 'Rumours,' where it rightfully belongs. Stevie Nicks' prettiest song has had a long and winding path on its way to the Top 10 Fleetwood Mac songs. It was originally released on 's self-titled album, buried on side two, where no one really paid much attention to it. But over the years, as other artists -- including Smashing Pumpkins and Dixie Chicks -- covered it, 'Landslide' has become one of the band's enduring songs.

    Fleetwood Mac's leader reveals the true epic scale of their debauchery

    Nicks wrote it before she and Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac. She was in her mids at the time, but she somberly looks back on her past and forward to years to come, like there's a lifetime of regret behind her. Is 'Tusk' the weirdest song to ever hit the top 10?

    It's certainly an odd choice for the first taste of the long-awaited follow-up to one of the best-selling albums ever made.