Annie mac and cheese with water

As a picky eater, I grew up on the stuff along with PB and J.

Annie's Mac and Cheese

It's a wonderful comfort food, perfect for Sunday evening or when you're feeling under the weather. I grew up with Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, but now that I can actually read labels, I won't touch the stuff. Enriched macaroni product just doesn't do it for me anymore. Her mac and cheese is made with organic semolina pasta shells from durum wheat. Plus it's made with real cheese instead of cheese sauce mix. On the box, it says that there are two and a half servings per container, but that's a really tiny serving I think.

I usually end up eating half the prepared batch and I add tons of broccoli too which ups the amount of calcium. Just cut up a cup or more of broccoli, and when the pasta has a minute left to cook throw it in the boiling water.

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Then after a minute, drain the water out, add the cheese mix and milk, stir and enjoy. This mac and cheese is creamy, smooth and delicious.

How to Cook Annie's Shells & White Cheddar Mac & Cheese in the MICROWAVE

The cheesy flavor isn't very strong, so sometimes I even add a little extra shredded cheddar on top. Hailey H. Badge Icon Foodie Expert Level 1. How do these taste? I'm very anxious to try them. I'm also very picky. Mandy N. How do these differ in taste and consistency than the regular, stove top ones?

I've been meaning to get something for a quick meal.

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Lindsey H. Kaitlyn J. Better than the Kraft cups? I have issue with the Kraft ones being pretty flavorless. Brianna K. Are they actually tasty or is the regular Kraft am and cheese just as good? Erika N. How is the Aged Cheddar? Be the first to answer. Devynn N. Are these easy to take places?

Real Aged Cheddar Microwavable Mac & Cheese Cup - Annie's Homegrown

Such as college or work? Poured in the loose cheese powder and mixed well. At the end I added an extra tablespoon of milk for that extra creamy texture. Ta-da tastes just like Annie's boxed Mac and cheese. So the key here is to use milk, a ceramic bowl, and to stir well! I like Annie's because it isn't so salty like Kraft's.

My son never finishes it. But with this, he gobbled it down so fast I couldn't keep up with him. Leni Mar, 14, From trial and error, I have learned that you must stir the water thoroughly before you microwave it and stir it thoroughly with the cheese powder afterwards, otherwise it will end up gooey and weird. Kim Vawter Dec, 25, The 2, calorie diet listed on your label has 50g. This appears to be an error in product labeling and could be very serious for individuals with strict diets.

JMK Sep, 11, Great quick lunch at work Great to keep in the office for when you are really busy.

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Stir in a can or pouch of tuna and add some hot sauce, and you have a pretty decent hot, high-protein lunch in 2 minutes. Cassie Mar, 14, Great for college kids! It hits the spot, its organic and takes me 2 minutes to make. It meets all the requirements for a delicious snack or sometimes late dinner.

These will make you crave Annie's Mac and Cheese so much more.

Am Feb, 10, Don't mind it at all! Guys, it's microwavable mac and cheese.. Not great, but good. Elaine Aug, 25, It's the best out there, but this was so disappointing. I understand it's microwavable, so it's not going to taste identical to the stove top, but this was just horrid and tasteless.

There was no flavor!! What a waste of money!

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Anna Mar, 11, Not tasty I was very disappointed. It was very tasteless. Lily Edghill Feb, 01, I really liked it very much. It was tastier and creamier than oth ;like products I have tried. Thank you! Can you use boiling water instead? Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rating VN: Our Mission.