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This new distortion is based on a number of classic distortion and overdrive effects the Fuzz setting sounds exactly like the beloved Boss Hyper Fuzz pedal , and it includes a 3-band EQ section, as well as additional controls such as resonance, scale and others.

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Like the new distortion box, the RV Advanced Reverb blows its predecessor out of the water. With the RV, users get a truly professional-sounding unit that showcases the kind of gating, EQ and reverb algorithms plate, arena, echo, reverse and more found on high-end units.

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The majority of the parameters are located within the flip-down programming panel, which is reminiscent of the NN-XT Digital Sampler. The Scream 4 and the RV also have the ability to save patches. Although the new UN Unison doesn't boast a full-rackspace design like the new reverb, it is an excellent alternative to a traditional chorus effect.

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The UN simply adds as many as 16 detuned voices from a single instrument. The BV doesn't respond to MIDI note information from the sequencer; rather, it relies on a carrier signal from another instrument and modulation source. For example, a Subtractor synth could be the carrier-signal source outputting a simple whole-note chord progression, and a vocal sample from either of the included samplers could act as the modulation source.


Also new to Reason 2. Both devices accomplish identical results with their respective signal types. The audio splitter allows users to derive a total of four stereo outputs from a single source, which can then be routed through different signal chains. The merger works in reverse, combining four outputs into one.

When used in conjunction with the mixer, the merger can function much like a group bus, allowing similar signal sources to be routed to the same group of effects.


The CV utility is functionally identical to the audio version. Lastly, the mixer's EQ section has been improved. By flipping the mixer around, users will notice a new switch in the bottom left corner that reads Compatible EQ and Improved EQ.

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  • The enhanced version addresses some frequency issues in the bass control from the first version and is audibly different from the original. Users, however, are given the option of EQ they want to use, thus preserving the sounds of files that were created with earlier versions. Although version 2. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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