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Before clicking "Save" , make sure you are saving the "TableLook" file in the correct directory:. On a PC , the "Looks" director can be found at C: Once inside the "Looks" folder below , you should see various other "TableLooks" files the files end in ". If you see that, you know you are in the right folder. From here, check to make sure your "File Name" is what you want it to be and then click "Save" [1] below.

After you've clicked "Save", you should find yourself back in the "TableLooks" dialogue screen below.

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Next, simply click on that to highlight it 1] below and then click the "OK" button [2] below. After clicking "OK", the "TableLooks" screen should disappear and the initial table you created should again be visible, but its format should now reflect the changes we've made and it should more closely resemble APA format below!

While certainly you could choose to do all of those steps for every graph you produce from now until forever, that wouldn't seem to be a very efficient use of your time. Instead, let's change the default SPSS settings to automatically use our newly created "TableLook" for all tables that are created in the future. With the "Options" dialogue screen now visible, select the "Pivot Tables" tab [1] below. On a side note , I'd also suggest changing the "Copying wide tables to the clipboard in rich text format" option [3] below to "Shrink width to fit".

Making this change will prevent SPSS from wrapping tables that are too wide for your page to another row making them appear as two tables, even though they are really just two parts of the same table.

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I personally find that very irritating. Instead, this will tell SPSS to adjust the width of the cells in the table so that the table can fit within the margins of the page. Finally , click on the "Apply" button [4] below , followed by the "OK" button [5] below. You should now be done and all future graphs should be produced in APA format or closer to it anyway. Happy table making! A few sharp readers have made a great point about this post: Specifically, when you try to create a "new look", it will likely display an error message that says you don't have "access" to the directory or something like that.

Thanks to one of our readers Benjamin Telkamp , we have a solution! Benjamin discover that you can save the "new look" as one of the existing looks in SPSS just pick one that you don't think you'll be needing.

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The table on the right more closely aligns with APA format than the table on the left in several ways: The title has been changed from center justified and bold to left justified, italics , and NOT bold [1] above-right; APA format. The table borders have been adjusted appropriately details of specific changes to follow shortly.

The default font type and size has been changed to Times New Roman 12pt. The necessary changes can be accomplished in 3 steps: Produce an initial table for alteration using any analysis; a simple frequency table is sufficient. Once your table is produced below , right click on the table and click on "Edit Content" and then either "In Viewer" or "In Separate Window" it doesn't really matter which you choose, for our purposes.

Next, the "TableLooks" screen below should pop-up. First, the "Cell Formats" tab above: For example , click on the " Table Title " [3] above in the "Sample" table to edit that element.

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