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Mac OS X is notorious for being beautiful. Every vertical and horizontal line is just perfect Obviously everyone has different aesthetic preferences, and this is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. If you think I am joking, check Apple's own help page for changing Application icons. The downside to this approach aside from being completely manual is that application updates often overwrite your beautiful custom icons!

Then you end up clicking around Finder to make everything pretty again.

  • How to Change App and Folder Icons in Mac OS X.
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  • How to personalize your macOS desktop by replacing file and folder icons with other images;

To an automation-obsessed person like myself, this is unacceptable. In case you may be unaware, "applications" in OS X are actually folders. Apple calls them "packages", but seriously, they are just folders. You can cd into them:. You will need to open the icon in "Preview" as show. Copy them ALL. You might also need to unlock the app in the bottom right corner of the info window and use your password if needed. Also, might want to try iconverticons. Thorn - Thanks, this was what was needed for me. Else it kept showing just the Preview logo with 'ICNS' below it, and even a system restart didn't refresh the 'cache' if it was indeed cached.

DanielCukier you would think drag-and-drop would work, what with it not being the s anymore, but apparently it doesn't.

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  8. Dragging a png or icns file also led to the "Preview Image" icon replacing the application icon. Opening with Preview, then copy and pasting as this answer suggests seems to work, though. Replace the icon file icns file with the desired icns file.

    Changing individual icons

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    How to Change app icons in MacOS Mojave

    This is relevant to the question. Gargravarr Gargravarr 2 Josh K Josh K Aha, so CandyBar is changing the icons again? Some time ago they disabled that option because they were afraid to break Apple's Code Signing which CandyBar indeed does, but so far it's unknown if it causes any problems.

    How to personalize your macOS desktop by replacing file and folder icons with other images

    I only found a couple of apps that I couldn't change, and surprisingly enough two are Transmit and Coda two Panic apps. There were a couple more "core" apple ones that it doesn't change, but finder and sys pref's work fine. Dominique Dominique Aug Aug 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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    Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. The good news is that once you have changed the icons, you can re-enable SIP, and the changes you've made will stick — though, you may have to repeat the process for bigger macOS updates that may modify these apps, as these updates may reset some of your icon changes.

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    This application provides a quick way to modify icons — just drag a new image or icon file on the file type that you want to change. You may change icons for various folder types, external media, and all the applications installed on your system though, it is still subject to the SIP limitation described above. You may download LiteIcon from the official website , or through Homebrew Cask by using the following Terminal command:. What do you think?

    How to Change App and Folder Icons in Mac OS X

    Are you going to try changing your icons a shot? Do you perhaps know any interesting icon packs you'd like to try?

    Use an icon from another file or folder

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