Search feature in outlook for mac not working

Sometimes, users find it difficult to understand and execute Outlook Search with each updated version of the application. Since Outlook is a most popular email client being used to send and receive bulk emails in a significant number of organizations as well as a personal level; it must be maintained and upgraded on a regular basis.

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In some cases, the Search algorithm integrated into MS Outlook does not work appropriately as desired. If this is the case, all you need to do is just stay calm and try some resolution methods to fix Outlook instant search not working error. It not only helps to perform a particular search following a defined criterion but also helps to navigate through emails and other mailbox components quite efficiently.

When the tool stops functioning properly; it would either display search results up to a particular date or it will show that there are items based on search criteria waiting to be indexed in the output panel. In this case, there could be an error or issue with Windows Indexing services.

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There could be many problems in Outlook responsible for Outlook instant search not working issue and so are the solutions. Alternatively, you can select the option to index Outlook completely, or quit the indexing option, if desired. Deselect Outlook by checking the checkbox and close the application.

Next, go back to select Outlook for indexing. Corruption could be a possible reason behind malfunctioning of the instant Search not showing recent emails feature. Analyze the file and repair it using the ScanPST. Click OK to start rebuilding the index.

How To Fix Outlook for Mac Search Returns No Results - TeckLyfe

Therefore, analyze and repair the PST file by using either the scanpst. Of the many Outlook problems, Outlook Search problem is another one.

This blog provides detailed steps on how to repair corrupt or damaged PST file and resolve this issue with regard to Outlook indexing services. Both of these utilities can repair PST file and recover the entire mailbox data. You can access these files on various email clients, and some of them without a specific platform. Click Yes to UAC warning message.

From the list uncheck the "Windows Search" feature and then press Yes at the warning message. Finally, click OK to confirm your decision.

How To Fix Outlook for Mac Search Returns No Results

Now wait until Windows make the changes to features and then restart your computer when prompted. This can be done through the Spotlight control panel. Note that your computer may be working slowly during reindexing. To start reindexing process of an entire drive follow these steps:.

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You will not be able to get any search results. It is also possible to rebuild the indexing using the Terminal. To manually reindex Spotlight via Terminal follow these steps:. When your index has finished rebuilding, you can go ahead and restart your Microsoft Outlook searches. Microsoft Office has become a staple in most, if not all, offices around the world. You may be currently using Office , which is the newest form of Microsoft Office. The new office search is called compliance search and can be found in the office compliance center.

Microsoft Outlook Search Not Working for Mac:

This office search is perfect to search across all of your programs and data, which also includes Outlook data. The newest Office search will allow you to:. These new features will help bring your Office searches to a new level. The scale of your searches is limitless and it even allows you to run multiple searches simultaneously. When you are using Outlook with Office , you can search for messages and search for people. Outlook search is a great and helpful tool to find the items or contacts you need.

You will notice from the steps above that when you start to type in a name in the Search Mail and People search box that the Search People option will automatically come up. You can search for a person, a group, or a resource. Well if your Outlook search is not working it is likely to be an indexing issue, and you will have to correct it for the Outlook search to work properly again.

I have a user who is having issues with his new Outlook When we added his profile to Outlook it successfully sync all folders. If he tries to search for specific email he gets a " No Results" message. I'm with Allen above - I'd turn off cached mode and just have them run off the server. We have users here where that would be at least a minute proposal to sync up their emails every time they logged into a new system.

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  4. Outlook can be very weird with Exchange I've seen issues with deleted messages not refreshing correctly from folders, etc. Outlook seems to act more like a web mail client than ever before. As far as your problem goes, I'd never want to try roaming an OST file.

    How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Search Function Not Working on Windows & MAC

    They can usually be pretty sizable and take a while to move around. I'd be more inclined to turn off caching or better yet, just have them use web mail until you can give them a newer version of outlook. The web mail in Exchange is pretty nice. I don't know if you ever got this resolved but it happened to me. My helpdesk person couldn't figure it out even after reloading my massive email account. Anyway - when you start to search in Outlook for Mac a panel of search options pops up.

    Microsoft Outlook Search Not Working [Quick Fix]

    Make sure to click "current folder" all the way on the left - and voila the search worked again. I must have unchecked it by accident to cause this problem. I am not seeing that search box when I use the search function. I enter the search terms in the upper right hand corner on this version, which is via a subscription. I don't know if you all have found the solution but this should fix it.

    Just tested and resolved with the following process. In the case that you migrate a system or some other sort of anomaly causes an issue with Outlook to where it shows no search results this is how you fix it. I have exactly this problem This problem has sporadically cropped up in my environment still.