Iomega mac companion desktop 3tb

Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive offers 3TB of storage and a filling station for your iPad

The drive also acts as a USB hub, so even though you're taking up a USB port on the back of your computer, you get two more ports on the back of the drive. Furthermore, there's an additional 2. I had some difficulty getting my iPad to sync properly when plugged into the "sync and charge" port, though the extra port had no problems charging my tablet. Iomega ships the Mac Companion's 7,rpm, 3.

The drive doesn't ship with any protection or management software, but you can download some for free from Iomega with proof of purchase No, thanks. You can buy the same amount of storage for less than half that price if you look at other products, though you won't get the extra USB features.

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Still, for the Mac owners who love the hardware's clean lines, paying a premium for the form-fitting design may be a non-issue. Fast and quiet. Sync and charge port on the side makes it easy to juice up your Apple mobiles.

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LED lights on the front indicate capacity status. Available in 2TB or 3TB models.

Iomega's Mac Companion hard drive nicely complements the Mac

Pricing is U. The Mac Companion Hard Drive will initially be available exclusively at Apple retail stores and the Apple online store. Later this month, the product will be available from additional retailers, etailers and at www. For more information about Iomega storage products, please go to www.

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  4. I use SuperDuper! And I have one additional partition that is used by Time Machine to store backups of each iMac as well as the MacBook. Mac OS X This enclosure has one very unusual feature. It works. It should work with higher capacity SATA hard drives, although any capacity limitations are not published anywhere. It works with good old USB 2.

    Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive offers 3TB of storage and a filling station for your iPad

    The cables alone are worth the price. Add a reliable hard drive, and you have a great backup device. I played it safe and saved money by choosing a big enough drive at 2 TB.

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