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Associating text editors with Git

If you downloaded the tarball and installed it manually, you will need to change the paths below to your install location. Save the file, log out and back in, and you should be all set. However, if you installed Sublime Text using the.

Once you have Sublime installed, right-click on a text file. Go to the "Open With" tab. Select "Show other applications. Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This question already has an answer here: Replace Text Edit as the default text editor Ask Question.

They give all sorts of permissions errors such as the ones in this image Is there any way to just never use textedit, and instead set sublime as the default editor for all files? I wonder if the title of this question should be something like "Replace Text Edit as the default text editor" so that it shows up in searches that don't reference sublime text.

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Would it work better if you gave the file an extension, or Unhide extension in GetInfo..? Set Sublime Text as the default handler for public.

Using Get Info

Andrea Bergonzo Ross Yes or log out and back in if not root user. Hmm, so that didn't seem to work for me. And I've verified that the entry is in the right location in the launchServices. Interestingly, it actually does work if i do open file2 in terminal or even by double clicking. I thought it wasn't working because if I get info on it, it shows that it opens with TextEdit. I'm nearly certain that I havn't done anything else to have changed the outcome.

How to Change the Default Text Editor on a Mac - Ultimate Mac

Here's the command I used in terminal: Michael Mizner Michael Mizner 4 5. Thanks for pointing out that my answer is outdated. I've indicated which versions of OS X my answer works for and provided a link to this answer. Can confirm this to work on El Capitan. No more Text Edit when opening Podfile: I have sublime text 3 installed but no com.

Sublime Text

Run brew install duti , save a filetype like this as: To also change the default application for executable scripts with no filename extension, add a line like this: Lri Lri When running running duti against the file I get the error line 1: I was able to work around it by not using settings file and calling duti -s com. This worked for me. Using defaults did not work.

KyleMit you need an empty line at the end of the file to avoid the line too long error. Right click on a. Choose "Get Info".

Setting Sublime Text as the Default Editor OSX

Expand "Open with: First, right-click on the document and a drop down menu will appear. Select your preferred text editor from the list. Note that the drop down box may not hold certain word processing programs currently installed on your computer. To do this, simply follow these steps: First, right click on the selected file.

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Pick a program from Finder and once you picked the appropriate one, select it. Click on the said button and a dialogue box — as shown in the picture above — will appear.

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You can repeat this for other file types as necessary, particularly on RTF, doc, and txt.