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How do I fix this? Does the file contain audio? So here's the thing to understand Matroska is an open source multimedia container. If you put a pure AVC file on your computer, the computer wouldn't have much of an idea what's in it, there would be video only, not sound, etc.

How to watch AVI (flv,mkv...) videos in QuickTime Player on Mac

So there's the idea of a container file. These files include "metadata" Most of these wrappers were designed for life on a disc of some kind, though some the MP4, Quicktime, and MPEG-2 TS in particular have some optimizations that let them function pretty well as streaming sources, too. The container also relates one or more audio streams to your video, so things stay synchronized.

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Feed raw audio into the AAC encoder, and out comes the compressed audio stream. If you're playing via VLC, it has these all built-in to the program. Unless you have a media type it doesn't understand. Most players use your operating system or some other framework like Quicktime under Windows to find the CODECs needed and proceed with the playback. If you think you have a complete production on a file, but only get audio or video out, that's a pretty good indicator that your player doesn't have a CODEC for that particular type of media.

The first thing to do is try the latest version of VLC. That's recommended because it does have everything built-in, so you won't have to go looking for some obscure CODEC. If this is actually a file made to the DivX folks private standards, you might also go and download the DivX player. Get Easy Sketch Pro 3. Simply sign up for a free account to get instant access to our popular whiteboard animation software.

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Answered Feb 4, How do I play or convert. BVF files? What is a MKV player? Download Now. See discussion.

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DivX Plus Web Player You can now watch stunning high definition MKV videos right in your Web browser and go full screen without losing quality. It includes all the features that made you love MKV in the first place, like the highly efficient H. Version 2.

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Plays MKV files with H. Safari 4.

MKV files no sound HELP!!!

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