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Asked by Fenian Bastard. I'm getting video. But NO audio. I've reinstalled the program. I've updated the program.

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Have tried other RCA cables. I've tried every combination I can think of in the Sound part of System Preferences. And still I wasn't getting audio as well.

When I selected it I got what looked like audio input bars in the control panel but I still got no response shown or heard in the Roxio product. Started Toast. The funky USB audio device disappeared from my audio control panel, too.

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Hi everyone! In order to work around this issue, you will need to restart your machine using the bit kernel. Immediately after pressing the power button to reboot, simultaneously hold down the "3" and "2" keys on your keyboard until you see your Desktop or Login screen.

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Please note, this change is not permanent. In order to revert back to the bit kernel, restart your computer without holding down any keys. When you have started your computer with the bit kernel, you should be able to capture both audio and video correctly using the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac software.

We will update this article if any new information on this issue is available. After you close the program, the folder with log files will automatically appear. Please attach log files to your message. Also please kindly specify the exact model of your capture device. Jenilob Dear user, Please try to do the following: Kind regards.

Jenilob Hi Jenilob, I was just wondering about this. Were you able to fix it using the tips suggested? This will take considerable time. You are right.

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Thu, Nov 23 9: Reply Contact. Xw dual 3. Daryl VHS footage is by definition not stable enough and will loose sync on capture. Good luck Menno.

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Twitter Account "If you do what you did you will get what you got! Check the menu setting of the DSR if they match the project settings. Thu, Nov 23