Error executing adb devices mac

I fixed it by pointing to my Android SDK adb:. I think Option 1 from the docs https: A more complete Option Seems kind of like the Genymotion ADB tool setting didn't take. Does anyone have an idea where are Genymotion tools located on Windows? I've searched my whole profile folder and nothing there. It's not in the install folder either. I would like to avoid installing Android Studio, I don't like to mess up my system more than necessary.

I'm using mac pro thanks so much for saving my time. Thank you so much! I followed mitel 's steps and I still get this error message on Expo:. Couldn't start project on Android: I got a message of 'Android SDK tools found successfully'. Also is there any particular virtual device that we should be using or any virtual device would do? Following these steps I was able to get it working with Genymotion and Android Studio found in https: I'm using GenyMotion.

I have this issue in ubuntu when trying to start a project created with create-react-native-app , I already followed the guide https: I solve the problem thanks to the analysis this guy https: After I remove the problematic adb version everything works like a charm: No need to uninstall android-sdk of android studio. Don't know exactly but i tried many thing. Set SDK location: Go to your project directory and run following commands: Below things are not mandatory to follow..

Your solution worked for me after struggling with this issue for quite a while! The only difference is that i didn't install the android SDK separatly but actually used the one included with Genymotion. I struggled several hours to make it work. Here is the detailed debugging process. This didn't work.

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I was pretty sure this expo adb was the criminal all the time. When I ran adb devices. I have the virtual machine on, but it gave me nothing.

Add to PATH for every login

This platform-tools adb is apparently what I should use. So I made the conclusion, expo was using a bad adb. So I gave up on configuring adb path. Instead, I copy the platform-tools adb file to overwrite the expo adb. Now everything works. Mine works with this way that you tried: I had the same problem but have not installed Genymotion and have not installed the SDK via homebrew.

Alternative: Install adb the easy way

Remove the symlink added by xde: Thanks diaojinggang for setting me in the right direction. Thanks for this guy https: Part of the problem is that xdl silently falls back to an out of date, bundled binary of adb that is likely a mismatch to whatever version you're running under Genymotion whether bundled, installed by brew, or packaged with Android Studio. While this is laudable, it is also a recipe for confusion.

Currently, adb will do a version check on the running daemon before executing any command.

Easily Set Up FASTBOOT and ADB on a MAC for Android Smartphones

If the versions don't match, it will print a warning and then attempt to kill the running daemon and start itself in its place. Sadly, the xdl-bundled version 1. If I simulate what xdl does while trying to connect to a running Genymotions emulator in my shell, I see the error:. The "adb server is out of date.

In my testing, Genymotion will almost instantly restart the adb daemon when it exits. This is the race I'm seeing:. Depending on time slicing, 2 and 3 may run out of order. Usually you get the google-able message that brings us here, but sometimes you'll get an out of date adb that makes Genymotion unhappy.

If you installed Android Studio from a package but didn't set up your shell, this is likely the case. Copying files around is unnecessary, and likely to break the next time you install a new SDK or upgrade Android Studio.

How adb works

Following the steps here - https: In my case proble was that Genymotion was using it's own sdk. Problem solved onse I've specified my local sdk path. I think the socketserver error message must be misleading, as this seems to just be a case of Expo not being able to find the right instance of ADB? Thanks vstlouis your solution works for me: I was working on the Linux machine and faced the same issue and after some time found the solution.

The main reason for this problem is the mismatch of your adb version. You can see the problem using. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide…. RT jgezau: I installed only adb files without sdk..

I just went and bought a j5create USB 3. However, the problem persisted. The ADB will recognize the phone for a second or so and then lost it. Thanks a lot. Sollution was to download the latest version of the sdk and install the tools that way. Not that much extra work. Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?

Any recommendations? I have tried both just using the ADB file and downloading sdk and creating the file path and I am not connecting to my firestick. I am sure that I am just overlooking something, but what? I had this working some time ago, and it stopped. No luck so far: Scroll all the way down and you will find the SDK Tools only. Go to this link and at the very bottom you will find the SDK Tools for download.

SDK Tools.

Android Debug Bridge (adb) | Android Developers

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