Mac g4 tower reset button

Installing more RAM or downgrading to an older operating system will fix this. The hard drive may have been erased, corrupted, or damaged. If it is corrupted or damaged, you need to replace it. Failing hard drives can display intermittent data corruption prior to failing completely.

PowerMac G4 M Troubleshooting - iFixit

They often gradually get louder and start to click. If your hard drive is making abnormal clicking noises but still works, back up your data immediately and replace the hard drive. If your computer's fan is noisy, first try cleaning it. If cleaning the fan doesn't reduce the noise to an acceptable level, then you should replace the fan.

All of the ports on the back of your PowerMac except for the display ports are directly connected to the logic board. If any of these ports are not working, first check that there is no debris or contaminants in the port by cleaning them out.

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If the port continues to malfunction, then your computer's logic board needs replacing. If your computer looses track of time, then the PMU battery is dead and needs replacing. The power management unit PMU , manages all power usage of your computer and keeps track of time when the computer is unplugged. I turned my power Mac G4 on for the first time in 5 years.

Factory Reset any Mac in under 3 minutes!!

The computer started just fine, the mouse and keyboard were working just fine. After a few minutes the mouse and keyboard stopped functioning, I tried different USB ports and a different mouse with no luck. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit.

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PowerMac G4 M Troubleshooting. PowerMac G4 won't turn on. PMU battery is dead. Available CPU Speeds: Most clock speeds were available in both single and dual configurations. This was the first Mac to reach 1. No wonder they call it the "Quicksilver. This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Power Mac G4 Quicksilver, use our service manual. The same way, the other powermac g3's and G4's open Just lift the lever on the side of the case, and lower it down. This connector is incredibly hard to remove, because of the way it connects, it is also very hard to remove without damaging it, if you don't pull it straight up, you will, most likely damage it.

Many Apple Computers Including earlier versions of this one had a GB Limit on hard drives, only Quicksilvers made in and later will support hard drives larger than GB, but to bypass this, simply partition your hard drive in to multiple partitions under GB in Disk Utility. This computer uses a non-standard Pin Apple power supply, plus a 4-Pin 12V connector commonly found in some power supplies. Start by disconnecting the power connectors from the motherboard, and routeing them up to the level of the power supply.

Fan removal is only three screws. The one circled in yellow, one on the upper left of the frame cage not shown , and one on the middle bottom of the frame not shown. There are three hex-shaped screws holding the board, which are right where the CPU was. These also provide the screw holes to screw and hold the CPU. I used a metric size socket I believe it was 7mm , as I did not have an English size handy, and the metric seemed to work fine. Then remove the 4 screws which are located around the edge of the board. If you have less than 4 screws, don't worry too much, if you don't have trouble removing the board at the next step, then you are fine.

Use an anti-static wrist strap to prevent ESD damage to your logic board. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Nicknarf Nicknarf. More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: That's completely up to you. View answer in context.

Help! PowerMac G4 does not start!

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Whenever you have a unit that fails to power up, you should follow this procedure before replacing any modules.

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