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Exactly what I wanted: I love the colours and the design! Thank you so much! Sooo obsessed!!! Posted a photo of it and I had people asking where I got it. I love it!!! This is the best set of keyboard stickers ever! They are very durable, and do not make the least bit of difference to my typing experience.

The colours are bright, eye-catching and I have received many compliments on my keyboard! Great quality and I received it faster than expected! Color is great and it feels nice and smooth, too. Previously using a keyboard cover, but I didn't like it because I don't enjoy air bubbles when I'm typing.

I like this a lot more, too, because the backlight shines through, and I get a lot of more color options and designs if I ever get bored! Very good product, hands down. This is truly stunning. It does take a little while to put all the decals on, but it is so worth it! Shipping was quite prompt seeing as how it came halfway around the world! Truly beautiful! I can't begin to say how much I love my decals!

I've gotten so many compliments on them, my keyboard specifically. My Mac looks so pretty!

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Thanks Keyshorts, I'd recommend you to anyone. I had an extremely positive experience ordering my keyboard stickers. Quick communication also. Would definitely buy again. This keyboard is so pretty. The quality is nice, I love typing on it and I get a lot of compliments from others. I will definitely be ordering more.

This is a great company too, they are super nice! Used in Poland and some other countries. We advise to choose this layout, if you want to switch from any European layout to standard English keyboard. Used in Arabic-speaking countries: It's also used in parts of Luxembourg and Switzerland. Used in Spain and latin american countries: Turn your MacBook or Apple keyboard on its back and in text starting with "Designed by Using your model number find your model name in the table below:. If you want to keep full keyboard backlight , please choose transparent background and "No keyboard" in the Original Language drop-down menu.

The best result will be on white, silver or other brightly colored keyboards.

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For black keyboards like MacBooks , we strongly recommend non-transparent stickers for better legibility, however we don't advertise them as fully backlight compatible. There is one useful hack from our customers: For example, if you bought your laptop in the US and you want to upgrade the keyboard to write in Russian, please select "US English" as original language.

Most customers complete their unique set. Check matching items and pay less for shipping:. Show me. You have items in your shopping cart. You have JavaScript turned off in your browser. It's a great way to update your keyboard worn-out letter keys with a different fresh new look. This sticker keyboard Arabic are well suited for different language communication, education or a language self-learning. Design to provide the full protection for your Macbook keyboard against dust spills, key wear and more.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available Extra slim silicone skin, made it easier for typing. The keywords are printed on the keyboard cover, Flexible and washable. Just peel and stick,blend well with your keyboard,you can easily convert your keyboard keys to another language. Clear transparent background makes stickers invisible, and allows existing characters to show through. Applying possess doesn't take more than min. English letters located underneath each sticker - will accurately indicate buttons on with you will apply corresponding stickers.

Sale Bestseller No. Apply stickers with Arabic letters to each alphabetic key on your computer keyboard, and add Arabic keyboard layout in Windows or Mac control panel, and you're all set to type both English and Arabic on your bi-lingual keyboard.

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No need to buy another expensive multilingual keyboard ever again. We don't. Our matt keyboard stickers on transparent and black background completely eliminate glare and clouding. With special coating you will see no wear for years. GIFT IDEA - surprise your friends who also write in or learn another language with your attention - make their lives easier with this pleasant yet inexpensive keyboard sticker, professionally retail-packaged and promptly delivered.

Buy now and make your life and lives of your friends easier! Quality silicone material, durable, healthy and environment friendly Every key is spesially molded and printed on clear silicone Fashion and personality,Waterproof and dustproof, protect your laptop against spills, dust, and other contaminants Removable and washable, keeping it clean, environmentally protective and ideal for resistance against drink or food spillage's at home or at work.

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It keeps your keyboard always new, and its beautiful gradual color can make your laptop more fashionable. Extra slim silicone skin only 0. The keywords are printed on the keyboard cover,Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available. High quality keyboard stickers Spanish which are especially designed for any computers, desktops, keyboards.

This sticker keyboard are well suited for different language communication, education or a language self-learning 5 One package contains 2 pcs stickers for your backup reserve. Other manufacturers use cheap glaring materials.