Restart mac time machine backup

It will make upgrading much faster and offer you a means to boot up your drive just in case. This is one of the better ones: Concealer sadly Apple still does not offer external drive support with FileVault2 yet.

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Hi Dan, thanks a lot for all the suggestions. While I was backing up my data, I learned from the link above that TM drive is itself bootable. I went ahead and tested it out, then got stuck on how to make the TM drive appear on the Startup Manager screen. Are you suggesting that it is the tool I need to make my external TM drive bootable?

But then why does disk utility mark my TM drive as bootable already?

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For encryption key, I have the key written down in a safe place so I'm sure I won't lose it. But maybe the disk encryption is what prevents the external TM drive from being recognized as a startup option? The installer USB drive was to make your life easier.

Is your Mac backed up?

I have one for each major OS release just in case! I guess I didn't quite make it clear. Apple has altered things enough from the first generation of the recovery firmware within your Mac EFI as well as the OS you are likely encountering incorrect information from the guide. If you have the latest then the answer is true! You would be able to boot up under the TimeMachine backup but it would need to be unencrypted!

Apple does not offer any means presently to encrypt a TimeMachine backup drive wise.

I guess the easies way to think this through is the order of access. Just like how you put your sox on before you put your shoes on the encryption of the drive needs to be after the drive is accessible. So here you would need to have first installed a full and proper OS on the drive then sure around and use the drive as your TimeMachine backup as the OS is not encrypted here the drive would boot and then when you got to the TimeMachine backup using a third party app you would have access to it.

The other way which is convoluted would to have two partitions on this drive the first one not encrypted with your OS installed and then the second larger one for your encrypted partition with the TimMachine backup. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index.

How to restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup in Recovery Mode

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To restore your Mac to the state it was in before you installed the new version of macOS, choose the most recent backup that occurred before you installed the macOS update. How to boot your Mac into Internet Recovery Mode. Both Recovery Mode and its online counterpart, Internet Recovery, provide the same set of recovery tools which let you accomplish the following maintenance tasks:.

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Depending on your configuration, do one of the following: External backup disk —Select the disk and click Continue. Time Capsule —First, choose your wireless network from the Wi-Fi menu on the right side of the menu bar. Network backup disk —Select the device and click Connect to Remote Disk.