Mac os x target disk mode not working

How To Recover Data From Another Mac in Target Disk Mode

The Macbook's startup disk is full and it will not boot except in Recovery mode or target disk mode. There is apparently a misbehaving app that is gobbling up disk I want to access the Macbook's disk in target mode to delete some files and make room.

Macbook boots into target disk mode, showing the Firewire logo on the Macbook screen. Macbook Pro doesn't recognize this target disk in Finder. Posted on Oct 28, 6: Page content loaded. Jun 15, 9: What was the outcome of this discussion? I have the exact same issue.

Why can't I see target computer on host computer in firewire mode?

My hard drive is full and it won't boot up at all. To start at the beginning, have you followed the directions for using Target Disk Mode correctly: Target disk mode not working More Less.

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Communities Contact Support. Besides using Target Disk Mode to copy or edit files, you can also use it to repair drives that are misbehaving.

What is Target Disk Mode?

The usual course of action to salvage the internal drive is to install the drive in an external enclosure , take it to another Mac, and try any data recovery or repair utilities you may have. Target Disk Mode allows you to perform the same process, while skipping the disassembly of the Mac and the installation of the drive in an external enclosure.

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Migration Assistant: Another thing you can do with Target Disk Mode is use Migration Assistant to copy settings and user data from the drive to your new Mac. Migration Assistant will consider the Target Disk Mode drive to be just another startup drive that has a valid system installed on it. Boot the Mac OS from the target disk: This can be helpful if your Mac has a problem with its own internal drive, and you need to be able to boot the Mac in order to reinstall the OS or perform repairs.

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The process for booting from a Target Disk Mac is mostly the same as described above; connect the two Macs together and boot one Mac in Target Disk Mode. The difference is that instead of just starting up the second Mac, you hold down the Option key while starting up. Select the disk that corresponds to the target disk. Booting will then continue, using the operating system installed on the target Mac. The two Macs should be of the same year and model. Different models and years have different support for internal hardware.

Jigsaw24 Tech Support: How to use target disk, boot and display modes

The operating systems should be the same. This is similar to the first item. FileVault encryption: A firmware password: If the Mac has a firmware password set, it will not be able to enter Target Disk Mode. Name required. Email required. Are there any other devices connected to the computer via FireWire or Thunderbolt? If so, disconnect them before entering Target Disk Mode. Make sure you are starting up the computer while pressing and holding down the T key.

Check the keyboard. If you use a wireless keyboard, make sure its batteries are charged. Using Mac OS X Mac OS X Is FileVault turned on? After transferring home directory contents to the target computer, enable FileVault protection again if you like. This can be corrected by checking for software updates on the computer that becomes unresponsive while in Target Disk Mode.

macOS 10.13 / 10.14: Connect this Mac to another Mac in Target Disk Mode

Using a notebook? You may be wondering why on Earth would anyone in their right mind use their Mac as a disk for another Mac. Booting a Mac in Target Disk Mode lets you format its volumes, or partition its drive to use as a startup volume.