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MacOS compatible, cross-platform, multi-user capable genealogy software. Under development, seeking feedback and beta testers. Family Tree Maker Mac 3. Gene Macintosh Genealogy Software.

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Genealogy Pro. A commercial genealogy program for MacOS X. It features an easy to use interface, database with search functions, family tree charting, reports and web publishing facilities. A fully functional download is available for a 30 day trial. A full-featured genealogy software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Available in Swedish and English.

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Heredis for Mac. The best selling genealogy program in Europe with many innovative features not seen in other programs. Website is in English. Data Entry is one of the Heredis strong points. You can synchronize your files on several devices: A genealogy application for those who want to get the most out of their investment in the latest Apple Mac technology. Whereas other genealogy software tends to emphasize the family unit, this software's focus is on each individual person.

It is also available FREE of charge. As such, the Macintosh version does have some prerequisites left over from its Linux implementation and requires some technical expertise to install it properly.

Download and try for free our family tree software for MAC - HEREDIS, your family tree program

I would suggest a Mac user read the page at https: If you are familiar with the terminology used on that page, then go ahead and get started. There may be some features omitted but possibly new features are available in the Mac products that were not in your old Windows product. However, whichever program you select, you will find a number of excellent genealogy programs available for the Macintosh.

In all cases, these are not native Macintosh programs. Instead, they are Windows programs that will operate on a Macintosh system because of the compatibility layer software that has been added. They will use the Windows keyboard shortcuts and icons, not that of Macintosh. They may or may not be able to use all features of the program while operating on a Mac. If you are an experienced Windows user who has recently converted to a Macintosh, you probably will be comfortable with the mixed-mode characteristics of having to use both Windows and Macintosh user interfaces simultaneously.

However, if you are not experienced with Windows, you probably will not want to use one of these Windows programs that uses a Microsoft Windows compatibility layer. Like Liked by 1 person. I know you can choose the number of generations to cover also, so some tweaking of those report settings should run this for you. Like Like. I have been using it for 8 years and like it very much. It is no longer under development, but they update it for each Mac release. An iPad is not a Macintosh. However, some companies produce TWO matching genealogy programs, one for the iPad and another one for the Macintosh.

In those cases, the programs are designed to work together and to complement each other. It is a highly capable program with lots of excellent features. Did you not just run an article in the last few weeks on rootsTrust, a genealogy software with a Mac version? As such, I do not yet feel comfortable recommending a program that I am not yet familiar with. I hope I can change my mind in the near future but will not do so until I hear some success stories from rootsTrust users. I will provide honest feedback once I do. I currently use Reunion and Heredis. My database is on Dropbox, which allows me to read the file from my iPhone or my Android tablet as those devices have the free readers on them.

Useful if away from my laptop and I want to check a family fact. Ancestral Quest for the Mac was released early in the fall of It is currently available as a free download, but there will be a charge for it in the future. I have been using AQ on my PC since and find it to be a great program. I graduated to it from PAF. I agree with Gene. I get the Reunion updates and it works fine for me.

At this point I have 14, people in my database. I am just a few months short of 20 years as a Reunion user. I like it because it is simple, flexible, and appears to be unlimited. I have nudged some boxes a bit…it deals with it. I have some pages with only a name, some with gobs of info. If there is no box with the title Ithat I need, I can create one.

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  5. I have 51, names in the database as of today…and have updated several times without any glitches to my knowledge. I have heard some say it is too complicated. I did not find that so. There are some more complicated areas but all one really needs to do to start is to fill in the blanks: Last Name; first name; and dates of birth and death. If you are new to programs in general, this one will lead you by the hand. If you are experienced with other programs, you will soon see what you want to do with this one. Reunion is a much easier application for a Mac user than RM. I hate the look and feel of the program and just use it for the linking.

    Here we look at the best family tree software for Mac in to trace your roots. Although the majority of family tree programs out there are still Windows based, there are now some very good free and paid genealogy apps for Mac. RootsMagic has been in the family tree business for years and although started life on Windows, can now be used on Mac too.

    We also like the fact that RootsMagic has lots of way to share your family trees with others. You can also create books and wall charts which make excellent gifts at Christmas and Birthday time for family. Family Tree Maker is made by MacKiev, the makers of the popular Mavis Beacon Typing courses and features just about everything you need in family tree software on Mac.

    FTM makes it very easy to build family trees with family history timelines, interactive maps, device syncing and more. This allows you and other members of your family to keep adding bits and pieces to the family tree in sync so that there are no duplicates. This ability to involve all members of the family in building q family tree, makes it easier to build your family trees quicker and with richer data.

    The other thing that makes Family Tree Maker powerful is integration with both Ancestry. Other nice tools in FTM for Mac include a Photo Darkroom to retouch and improve old photos, color coordination and auto-suggestions regarding potential additions to your family tree. However, the problem with this is that your family tree software can start to slowdown as your family tree grows and it has to process, retrieve and display more and more information. Family Tree Maker seems to remain fast and responsive even when processing large amounts of data and we found it just as fast and efficient when it comes to processing several generations worth of data as it does with just a few.

    Family Tree Maker is a huge application however and the user manual alone is over page so to really get the most out of it, you need to invest some time in learning it.

    It is still arguably the most powerful genealogy software out there for Mac though. You can visualize your family tree in a huge variety of ways including Hourglass, Fan Chart, Kinship Chart and Genogram.


    One of the most interesting is the Map view which shows you some interesting statistics on where your relatives are located around the globe. It also generates some customized reports about your relatives and origins including Marriage Lists, Person Analysis and Kinship Reports. If you want to make a gift out of your family tree, we also like the way that MacFamilyTree has a tasteful selection of templates and books that you can publish your family tree in.

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    You can print these yourself or export them in PDF to give to a professional print shop to make some really unique gifts with. MacFamilyTree also makes it easy to publish your family tree as a website that you can share with family members or make available publicly.