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Feb 27, , Have to check that out again. Anyway the wireless controller from Best Buy works on all my apple stuff. The name of the thing is Stratus XL Skirtz where did you see all the planes for 20 bucks.. I can't find it. I may have had it but can't find it now. Last edited by thumbs1; Feb 27, at Please note there are two different apps: Absolute RC Player - http: Also the content for the second is purchased on the web site, but is valid on any device where you use the simulator.

For the Absolute RC Player here are the packages that you can get: Thanks I found those but I thought I saw somewhere that each plane cost 20 bucks and you corrected me that all the planes combined were 20 bucks. I very well can be wrong. I also found on their site that each plane was 2.

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I was wondering where all planes were 20 bucks was? Could it have been in the lease or short term use area? If all planes are 20 bucks purchased I may do that one. Its actually a pretty nice program. Been flying it for a few days now but it would be nice to get away from the cub and try something else. Mar 08, , All helis are also 20 bucks. Here are links to all of them: They are also sold in packs here: Mar 10, , Return to Simulators.

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Yes, I do! It's a ton of fun to fly around with these planes. I imagine the game would also be highly useful for teaching the core skills of RC to someone who's never touched a transmitter or RC plane before.


The game also includes quad that you can purchase as extras, but you can't fly them in FPV. If you'd like a free game on your phone or tablet, this one may be the one for you. With a mobile device, you can practice your RC skills on the move! RealFlight X Flight Simulator. You can purchase it with a dedicated practice transmitter that, when paired with the super realistic physics, provide one of the best simulated RC flying experiences you can get.

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There are a whole host of different aircraft you can fly, including helicopters and drones. Unfortunately, for now, this simulator only works with PC's meaning Mac users will have to find an alternative. At least we have the mobile version! Liftoff FPV Simulator. For all you quad lovers out there, Liftoff is a an FPV simulator that has been known to take total beginners and turn them into skilled real-life pilots in days.

The Best RC Plane Simulators that will Take your Breath Away

The simulator uses real-world physics simulation to provide a great experience for experienced and novice quad flyers alike. There are a bunch of different maps, quad models and modes to choose from. Alex and Stefan did a live stream on Facebook not that long ago when they were learning some new moves on Liftoff. They agree that a simulator like this really is the best way to get into FPV; it eliminates the problems of costly repairs and time spent setting up your gear.

Of course, the game doesn't replace the actual experience of flying your quad in the real world, but it is a helpful and fun tool to assist you. Hopefully this article has provided you with a few options if you were thinking of getting into a simulator.

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Even if it's just playing something super basic on your phone or tablet, you'll have a great experience that will be beneficial to your RC piloting skills! Tell us about the simulators you use in the comments! Get RealFlight X. Get Liftoff.

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