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Leave a comment. To move between the images press the Right Arrow key to move forward or the Left Arrow key to move backward.

Open All Images Into a Single Preview Window on Mac OS

At the top of the window are right and left arrows. Click them to move forward or backward. If you have a Magic Mouse , swiping left and right will move you forward and backward through the images. There is another way to open Quick Look. Want to have a full-screen view? Click the Full-Screen button to the right of the close button. Want to view the images as a slideshow? Want to see an Index Sheet of the images? Want to see an Index Sheet in Full-Screen view?

Click the Index Sheet button in the Controller. To zoom in on an image in Quick Look, press the Option key , With the Option key held down, click and drag around the image. Click the Open with Preview button to open the current image using the Preview application.

How to view pictures in a folder? | MacRumors Forums

Click the Share button to share the current image using Mail , add the image to Photos, post it to Twitter or Facebook and other social media outlets. What You Need: Mac OS Not having enough reputations to comment, I'd like to make a comment in the answer area. I think the desired function by 79k searchers so far is what is comparable in Windows: No need to preview a folder or other text files right?

PhotoX for Mac

I urge Apple to at least give an option to this function, as Preview. If you are just skimming the pictures do this: This way you can still use the arrow keys to navigate between the pictures.

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Using preview shows both images and non-image content, making it impractical for presentations. Without having to open all the appropriate applications you can view documents, spreadsheets, videos and images.

View A Folder Full Of Photos Quickly And Easily [OS X Tips]

If you require a more complex selection you can still search in Finder for pictures only using search rules: Someone give this man a medal - works great! Hi, this just helped me in Was it completely surpassed by the Quick Look feature in finder? Constantin Constantin 1 3. Too many steps for an operating system thart claims to be superior to the rest.

ClintEastwood what's wrong with simply pressing space, and then using the up and down keys? Jon Schneider 6. Pomeroy Pomeroy 1 3. Lri Lri Works great. Nathan Walker Nathan Walker 5, 2 16 I'm using Preview on High Sierra.

How to Open All Images Into One Window in Preview for Mac

Anon Ymous Anon Ymous 11 2. Select all of the pictures in the directory at once and double click them. Brian Ritz Brian Ritz 1. Since I prefer using keyboard shortcut, I generally use like: