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Missed the action at the Chrome Dev Summit? Watch now. Below we'll look at the differences this change introduces to the existing API's. Google Chrome Notifications will be displayed in the macOS notification center Differences Icon size and positioning The appearance of icons will change. Before and after for Chrome on Mac notification icons displayed by Chrome vs.

Before and after of notification action buttons with icons displayed by Chrome vs. Images The image option will no longer be supported on macOS. Before and after of notification image for Chrome on macOS You can feature detect image support with the following code: Before and after for image templates in the chrome.

Before and after for list templates in the chrome. Before and after for progress templates in the chrome. Tweetie for Mac. Jeff Geerling — 5 years ago. Is it in the beginning part or the end??? Scott — 4 years ago. This workaround does not work anymore in the latest version. Sasuke — 4 years ago. Yoav Caspi — 5 years ago. Hi, Thanks for the post but I actually have the opposite problem - I got this icon on my laptop and I like it; for some reason, though, I can't get it on my desktop even though i'm running the latest chrome version and even tried enabling the flag.

Any ideas? Cheers, Yoav. Andrew — 5 years ago. Sean — 5 years ago. This is beyond a joke. A bell type notification that is so intrusive it's ridiculous. Google's producing too much noise for my liking - no simple disable button is pure evil. Dave — 5 years ago. Ido Samuelson — 5 years ago.

How to Remove the BELL icon from google chrome on task bar Mac

Google just gets worse every day. Kay — 5 years ago. Anonymous — 4 years ago. Daniel Buenrost Chrome Version: Mark Josh — 4 years ago.

Disable the Chrome Notification Bell Menu Bar Icon in Mac OS X

Pete — 4 years ago. Yhoejz — 4 years ago. Thomas — 4 years ago. It helped. Thank you Antti! That did it for me! Saif Raza — 4 years ago.

The bell is back!! John Hawkins — 4 years ago. The latest version Jeff Geerling — 4 years ago.

Can't Disable Annoying Chrome Notifications menu bar item on Mac OS X

Mistake 1 was not asking whether this should be put in the menu bar. Mistake 2 was not making an easy or clear way for this to be disabled. I like control over my computer and its services, and this makes it seem like I do not have such control. I agree, this is pretty annoying to just add out of the blue and have it be surprisingly difficult to hide.

I ditched Chrome when I was told I can hide the bell but not disable it from a person at Google.

How to disable Chrome’s notification bar in older releases

So I went back to Safari and am less aggravated. This is related to the addition of Google Now functionality to the Chrome browser in the latest stable version, bringing a degree of feature parity between Chrome and Android. In my case, it displays most, but not all of the cards that are shown on my Android phone. Just disabled the bell menu item, and on relaunch noticed that the notifications just get passed through to Notification Centre now.

The new flag to search for on the chrome: Typical arrogant software engineers. Enable something nobody wants, then people find a way to disable it, then update the app and re-enable the thing nobody wants, then make people find the new way to disable the thing nobody wants. As of Version Therefore, if anyone has a new hack to rid our menubars of that wicked Bell icon, please share! However, it does seem to reappear a few days later at random. I do no know what make it come back. This does not seem to be the case in the newest version I have which is Version It like they change it in each new version.

Chrome for Mac nixes notification menu bar

I did this but just before noticed they were back. Notification Center behavior Mac Alters the behavior of the system level icon for the notification center. Chrome Awesome hint, Brad! Easier by far than navigating to the flags menu and finding whatever new name Google wants to call the menubar icon.

My question is, does this option turn off the notification process completely or does it just hide the icon? Solved for Chrome This results in getting me kicked off the network. So I decided to check out the directions. I looked as well as using the cmd-F find function. Running MacOS Sierra.

Everyone in this thread was posting from years ago. They were fussing about an earlier version of Chrome and OS X. Honestly folks should not be messing with flags or experimental features if they are this ignorant about what the things do or how a Free Open Source Software like Chrome is released or works. Just stick to something simple like Safari if a little thing like a menu bar icon or lack thereof scares you so much. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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