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Trying to make a highlight video for my high school soccer player. No, the application will not work on PowerMac G5 because there is no version compatible with it. I've accessed various websites including the Apple one, but didn't find anything related to full This is a very old Mac that doesn't support the apps released nowadays. Of course, there are updates for iMovie HD, but they do you no good since there is no version compatible with the PowerMac G5. VLC media player 3. Bigasoft iMovie Converter 5. Related advice. More results for "Imovie for mac Free only. Search in titles Learn - iMovie 10 Edition.

Forest Well, I did it. Please check them out on youtube under EJ Doyle. The letters in the scroll look crappy to me. Any suggestions on how to make them crisper would be welcome. Again, thanks a lot for the help. I spent a couple of days trying to learn iMovie and this is what I came up with. Need help in getting the text crisp. Thanks for having this site.

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Thanks and congratulations on getting it done. Just a guess! Now I want to start shooting 4K and am wondering, doubting, that HD6 could handle that. I will miss the ease of HD6! My macbook pro running Yosemite will not let me open your iMovie HD application because it is not from Apple.

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Any way around that?? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong. The best video I have was done 9 years ago on my Pismo in 9. Greetings from Greece and many thanks for posting this. I was looking all over for it iMovie HD is the best! Lelila It would probably be good if you gave the make, model, etc. Forest Did you ever get the opportunity to look at my youtube video?

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EJ Had a look at Get Back in Line Boy and it looks like you accomplished what you had wanted to do, with good timing on the scrolling blocks. Are you the artist singing? Thanks for the reply. My concern is why do the words look so blurry?? On the polished music it is hired folks back in my Hollywood days.

I have had about views of my stuff now and all I average is 1 min of viewing time. People need constant stimulation I guess rather then actually listening to a song?? And who wants to see a 75 yo man singing anyway? A few years ago when I was directed to this site, I tried it thrilled that all my plug-ins were intact and it crashed in the middle of a project.

Has anyone tried Filmora Video Editor? I know that program like the back of my hand, but still want the quality of iMovie.

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Check out one of my videos here: As far as I can tell, the quality of the titling is limited to whatever the Apple developers wrote in there years ago. Maybe there are underlying assumptions that are different. Are you dealing with a DV project? Or an MPEG-4 project? Yeah, a late comer but getting iMovie 6 back with little effort is tremendous and i will donate as appreciation. Thank you for posting this version! If I close the app, I more than likely lose everything. Not ideal. I also wish I could use Streamclip again. These other editing programs are not as user friendly. Almost a year now of being frustrated with the results in iMovie 6.

I am wondering just what do people do with it? Possibly no one has any information that can help you. Terribly sorry.

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Thanks for the get back. What I am asking is if this is a superior version of iMovie what sort of projects are people working on with it? Did you look at my link? Are there any examples of iMovies available? The only movie I have made in the past was ten years ago on iMovie 2 and it looked perfect?? Thank you so much for the download site for iMovie 6. I have just upgraded to El Capitan and was disappointed that all of my iMovie 6 movies, that were stored on my external drives, showed up without the usual imovieHD icons, just a generic document icon.

I found your site, downloaded the version you have up, and like magic I could open my most recent iMovie 6! All of those iMovie 6 movies now seem to be working. I cannot find words to describe how happy I am that you have continued to provide this service! Will your iMovie 6 work with this system?

Hoping yes! First, you need to buy an external hard drive. If you have a number of movies saved already, you would want at least a 1TB hard drive, 2TB might be better for future project space. There was a free version of this software available at one time. Might still be.

This cloned external drive can then be used as your start up disc on your new iMac, so instead of seeing High Sierra when you use it, it will bring up your old El Capitan for you to work iMovie in. Just a guess here, but I think the problem you have with the text may be because you are not laying your text over actual video clips, but instead one frame still text images made into video clips by iMovie.

Still pictures put into iMovie and made into video clips always appear less sharp than actual video clips. I believe this has something to do with the interlacing involved in processing video clips in iMovie. I have no video equipment and only a flip phone. Can my iPad Air do anything? I live 50 miles from the nearest town in the Arizona White Mountains and it has been impossible to find any help on this. Do you think this the same limitation on all iMovie versions?

I see these 15 yo kids with great looking videos and wonder how in the heck do they do them?? Looks like Donna might have an answer for you. You might want to checkout one of my videos and see what I am experiencing https: My background… I shot my first footage on an 8mm film camera when I was 4 years old WAY back in Joined the Army in I think the recruiter had just got out of Vietnam and had a hearing loss and all he heard was.

Thank you soooooo much!! You save my life really I was desperate!!! And I can finish my job! I almost cry of happiness when I saw your blog! Thank you thousand times!! I am so frustrated. I love that I can revive this older program. I love it. But unfortunately, the system has glitches. If I shut down my program, most of the time I lose everything. My work in progress, and all my clips. I save all the time even when working on a project just in case it crashes. I even get a window stating that it lost clips.

And then when I ok that hoping maybe just the ones in the trash were lost I get a blank slate. My work around is to export my work every time I close it, and then re-import. Can somebody out there help me please? Im yet another victim of those lovely Apple people! This is having spent over a hundred pounds on every conceivable adapter, converter and cable!

I have a shoe box full of tapes but at the moment I am at a loss as to how I can download them to a computer. Camera manufacturers no longer manufacture cameras with mini tapes. And neither do they offer support for existing cameras that still use them. I have hated these other newer iMovies that have made it far harder to edit, etc.

This is great. But now I am wondering is there any way I can get this to put on my new iPad Pro. I am guessing they are not necessarily compatible because of the different Ohs? I would like to be able to cut on the iPad as well as the laptop. Rolando Perfect! Thanks to all who take the time to help others. Thank you especially Rolando. Your instructions are still helpful all these years on! What version of iMovie had a screen with events and projects separated but you could still drag the orange marker above the video in the projects to create chapters, and you had a lot at your fingertips to edit text in the video.

I installed on my new computer High Sierra and was pleased to see that I no longer had to work through the open terminal. Thanks a million — I hate iMovie 9 or later. Way too complicated and not of use. So far your version seems to run well even in High Sierra Again, many thanks for sharing this!

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

Problem here…made a movie for youtube. Forest Point is WHY is it there? Is there some sort of buffer or something that remembers your last job? Has this ever happened to you or is just my iMac ? They are big enough to fill the size requirement. Look at the 2: I have a question.

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In iMovie 6HD I can have a 4: In iMovie 10, it only renders in Sometimes I like to use effects in iMovie 10 and then transfer the footage to my go-to vidding program 6HD. But I end up with black bars. Frustrating that iMovie 10 has an aspect ratio default. Is anything compatible like that? I had tried Final Cut Express and hated it, but did love and use Live Type a titling program that came with. Now Live Type is no longer compatible, and I want more fancy. I might have finally found my answer. Davinci Resolve. It works a lot like iMovie 6 in how you manipulate clips, and it has a lot of fancy with Youtube videos to guide.

And, after a lot of tests renders, it can render in 4: I did come up with a way to make the scroll more readable by experimenting: Went to Export-Expert settings-Options-Data rate: I have never found a way to get still pics into HD6 without some unwanted artifacts — the blurring you speak of. Seems to me there is no way to prevent HD6 from doing this when it converts the still image into a video clip.

So ironic. I am trying to make videos without a camera of any type to get my music out there. Yeah, those learning curves turn into Mountain passes for me. Is this a situation of people clinging to Mac technology in-spite of more efficient stuff out there in the PC world? Speak of learning curves. Think Harder Think Harder, not harder. Home PhD About. Jan update: Share this: Utility Tags: Comments Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback.

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August 23rd, at September 17th, at Carla Kihlstedt. September 26th, at Anne Corthouts. December 12th, at Koenraad Van de Casteele. December 13th, at I tried Premiere way complicated, non-intuitive and non-user friendly — blech! December 14th, at January 4th, at January 12th, at Akeel Habib. January 18th, at January 19th, at January 22nd, at Thanks to the internet and people who share!

Thanks Rob! January 25th, at January 30th, at February 5th, at Robert Harder. James Pannozzi. February 15th, at Many thanks! Fillon Antoine. February 19th, at February 22nd, at People like you make the world a better place. Buddy Paris. March 6th, at March 9th, at Robin Michetti. March 14th, at March 16th, at Dave Farrar. March 21st, at March 31st, at Eric M Barach, M. April 28th, at May 9th, at May 10th, at May 11th, at Still using it to this day!

Dirk Decker. Hi Robert, whatt is minimum system config for this? Is it May 24th, at May 26th, at May 31st, at June 20th, at Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! July 10th, at October 15th, at October 18th, at October 21st, at October 23rd, at Thanks Mike. October 25th, at October 26th, at November 10th, at November 14th, at November 19th, at November 27th, at December 1st, at December 7th, at December 24th, at December 27th, at December 30th, at Time to start editing me some videos… Thanks to all in this thread.

Merry New Year!!! Chip Tredo. January 10th, at Thanks a lot for the old version of i Movie HD 6. January 23rd, at January 29th, at February 25th, at February 12th, at Thanks for much for posting this. Saved my life today!

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February 23rd, at Robert you are a legend!!!! March 3rd, at Joseph mascheratti. April 4th, at April 8th, at Jonathan Hughes. April 13th, at April 19th, at April 20th, at Life saver, just what I needed, thanks. Roberto Olivetti.

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May 7th, at May 12th, at From the bottom of my digital heart; Thank you. May 14th, at Users who downloaded Apple iMovie for Mac also downloaded: We are happy to recommend you programs like Apple iMovie for Mac that other users liked. Software similar to Apple iMovie for Mac:. Audio Software. User rating. Product Details Rating: Buy File size: Mac OS X Apple Inc. Download count: Developer Name: Number of programs by Apple Inc.: Safari for Windows 3. QuickTime Player 5.