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Stacks provide a convenient way to obtain documents and applications. To create a stack, drag a folder to the Dock. Snow Leopard improves on Stacks than previous version s by adding a scroll bar that lets you scroll through large stacks and by allowing you to drill down through folders while remaining in Stacks view.

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There is one stack pre-built into your Mac which contains all your downloads and looks like this:. The most current of your downloads are located closest to the dock. When you click Stack, the items in it appears in following layouts:. When the stack becomes too full in the Fan Layout it automatically switches to the Grid Layout with a scrollbar.

Installing QuickTime Player 7 in Snow Leopard

By right clicking on the stack you can set the stack to keep a certain view or organize by name or date. Stacks automatically appear as a fan or a grid, based on the number of items in the stack. The Finder lets you organize, view, and access practically everything on your Mac, including applications, files, folders, discs, SD memory cards and shared drives on your network.

The desktop is the space where you see file, folder and volume icons. The biggest changes in the Finder in Snow Leopard have to do with icons.

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In the new finder, you can get an even quicker look by just hovering over the icon in question with your cursor. Items are grouped into categories: Devices, Shared, Places and Search For. The middle portion has Places which contains quick access to your Desktop, Home folder—the folder named after your user account name, Applications and Documents. Spotlight lets you search not only the files on your computer but also the files on the network.

It is located in the top right corner. Finder preferences let you configure file labels, search locations, Finder window sidebars and hide or show hard disk icons on the desktop. The new view allows you to preview your files such as movies, PDF files, music, Microsoft Office products and Pictures.

Located in the top left corner of the finder window, click the button that looks like the following:. Quick Look is a fast and easy way to see a preview of your images, documents, movies and even Microsoft Office documents without opening them in an application. Click on the file you want to preview and then click the following Quick Look icon when in the cover flow view.

By clicking on certain files you view them.

Older versions of Mac OS X and VLC media player

For example, this is what will pop up when you click the Quick Look action on a video file. By using the Icon Size slider located to left of the Finder window resize control, you can adjust the size of your icons all the way up to by pixels. For more information about Finder in OS X Mac — Finder and the desktop. Spaces allows you to separate your work space on your Mac.

With spaces you can separate your personal life programs from your business programs, or your communications programs from your project programs.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

By default your Mac will have spaces disabled. To enable it,. Click Spaces located at the top of the screen and then click the Enable Spaces check box. Select how many spaces you want to have. With Spaces enabled you can press F8 to view all of your spaces as shown below. By clicking on other spaces and opening programs that you want to only be in that space, you can manage your time effectively.

For example, you could have spaces organized like this. It lets you send and receive emails from your desktop without having to go to a website to check emails. You can set up all your accounts in one place along with being able to manage them.

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Mail works with some popular email accounts including MobileMe, Gmail and Hotmail. Mail has the new features of a to do list, a notepad and many other features. In addition, Mail comes with new email templates, addressing and event add ons. To set up your mail account visit Setting up your email accounts.

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  7. Time Machine is the a great feature, though you need an external hard drive to use it. This feature lets you go back in time to view a file that you may have deleted 15 minutes ago or 15 months ago and recover the file. To setup time machine all you need to is plug in an external USB hard drive. The following window will pop up asking you if you want to use this external hard drive for general purposes or to use it for time machine.

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