Xephem mac os x binary

I wrote these instructions for G4 apples running OS X Intel macs: Download the appropriate g77 binary from HPC. PowerPC macs: Either download the appropriate g77 binary from HPC , or install Fink next step and have Fink install g Most people also use Fink Commander, which is a graphical interface to Fink. Search the web for Fink and Fink Commander, and you'll find several good websites that explain how to install them.

Because I am old-fashioned, I run latex on the command line in one step, using this. Fits viewers: You'll want to rename or move the older versions that came with scisoft and ciao.

I have had problems with stale versions of ds9 that came bundled with other programs. Heasarc's "fv" fits viewer is extremely handy for visualizing and manipulating fits images and fits tables. Dowload here , with errata here. Astronomy visualization and "what's up? Kstars is a "What's up in the night sky? Get it by installing the "kdeedu" packages in Fink Commander. Celestia is a beautiful "zoom around the universe" program, with a free OS X version.

Skycalc, by John Thorstensen, provides almanac, ephemeris, and airmass information, invaluable for planning observing runs. The new version is in Java , is graphical, and runs on all major platforms. Here's a walk-through from AstroBetter.

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Alternatively, you can download the "classic" shell version. Other Useful Programs Firefox: Alternatively, buy "iWork" at your local Apple store remember the educational discount! Or you could pay Microsoft for Office. But I can't condone that sort of thing. Desktop Pagers How can you work without multiple desktops, especially if you have a small screen? It's a BIG download. Tim -- Don't tell me I'm still on that feckin' island!

I do have the install CDs. I'll check them. And the make command is now found.

XEphem (free) download Mac version

However i get the following errors when i try to compile Xephem Command not found make[1]: William Hamblen Guest. Davoud Guest. XEphem is available as a regular OS X installer package -- no resort to the Unix shell is required to install it. It could be that that's only the paid version, however This is what i needed. Altho i'd not mind learning how to compile applications on the Mac all i really wanted right now was to get Xephem working.

The download from the Apple site was still the source and one version older than what i already had from the Xephem site. But i did find and install Xcode and actually got Xephem to compile without errors.

Now i'm stuck on how to get X11 running. I've installed it, twice, from my Panther CD yet i can't find it on my hard drive to launch it. A search on my hard drive only returns two hits for "x11" The last file says it's a receipt when i try to run it. My mac had a clean install of the OS a couple of days ago so things should be pretty clean on the system.

Sorry for being so stupid about all this.