How to play civilization v on mac

Disk image name at the top, make it something short and easy such as: Mac OS Extended journaled Leave the rest as they are.

Click save. Then select and that should then list it in your Content Libraries. At this point make sure your reselect the default library to be your original one, because Steam auto-defaults it to the new one, and we don't want it trying to use the 10GB civ. And that should sort it all out! Last edited by louischoma ; 19 Nov, 5: Anyone having problems with the game crashing even after you disable Gods and Kings?

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5 December, 2018

I have civ v running on window 7 and it plays fine. I run most things on low or med graphics quality and the game is very playable. Anyone have any ideas what model I should get? Do I have to get the most expensive model? Good grief, Civilization is now recommended to use a quad core processor? What in the world could it be doing to use four processors? Just so everyone knows. The GeForce M is not supported graphics card. The game will run just not optimally and frankly the graphics take a hit. I find this baffling since only the newest MacBooks have the M. The vast majority of mac laptops in the field are essentially underpowered.

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And aspyr has no plans to patch. That means I need to buy a brand new Mac for this game??! Lets ust face it, mac is underpowered and expensive. Just received Civ 5 as a present. Will not run on my MacPro 1,1 — Quad Core 2.

Download Civilization V for Mac for Free, No Strings Attached

Also considering buying it — GeForce , MacBook 6,1, just below the minimum recommended. From what I read above, the game is playable, no? My spec: And the game runs painfully slow… at low settings. Got not other program running, just the OS and Steam.

Using the following machine config:. Aspyr did a bad job on porting this game, probably they are using Transgaming or some kind of technology to emulate DX9.

20 November, 2018

I hope they give us a native port in the near future. All video settings to slow or inactive when possible. This is ridiculous. I can play Dragon Age on this machine…. I have a 2 yr old MacBook Pro, which does meet the min. I also have a window installation on my pro, and the windows version runs like a breeze. It crashes once in a while, nothing too dramatic. And when I built the thing all the parts cost less than a grand — less than any macbook pro.

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Got a MBP Retina 13 inch a few weeks ago and installed civ5 last night. Name required.

Download Civilization V for Mac for Free, No Strings Attached

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