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What do you think? Posted by 1xellus1 at 7: Influensters have shown that the glossy, high-shine lip look is back and better than ever.

Are You Looking For Something?

If you crave that glossy, '90s look but don't want to spend a fortune to get it, take a peek at top lip glosses that Influensters are raving about just as much MAC's top seller. And if you're not feeling a gloss, there are a number finishes so you can find just your perfect match. NYX's formula says it right in the name: Influensters love the oclor options as well as the non-tacky feel of the product.

Milani has long been a drugstore favorite for finding high-end dupes. The brand's Brilliant Shine lip gloss is an Internet and Influenster top pick for a quality gloss for a fraction of the price. The major color pay off and shiny finish makes this a must. NYX is at it again with their Mega Shine glosses, which boast upward of 35 shades. The glistening finish has Influensters coming back for more with this one.

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MAC Lipglass Lip Swatches

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I found a dupe for my favorite lipgloss!

It's a good thing that these glosses are amazing because I impulse bought four of them!! They were just delivered yesterday, but I've been wearing Weho all day and I love it so far! They are crazy pigmented but they aren't heavy on my lips and aren't sticky at all. They actually just feel like I've put a lip balm on my lips. I also think the applicator is great because it's soft enough to soak up the product and I think that's why the application is so easy.


With some other glosses, the applicator is too stiff so I have to put a bunch of layers on my lips. Even though I don't need more of these shades, I'll probably end up ordering more because they're so cheap and there are so many more colors that I want to try! Like This? From Our Members. Emerald G. I can't believe it's not butter?

Butter believe it! Enough with the corny puns lol but I have a serious love connection with this gloss. I'm a matte liquid lipstick type of girl but this lipgloss is the best. Smells amazingly delicious which is always a plus to me, never sticky and glides onto the lips like buttah! My lips look so smooth and plump with this on. This is the only lipgloss I've tried that doesn't settle into any lip lines in fact it seems to blur them.

High-Shine Dupes for MAC Lipglass Lip Gloss

My favorite color that I cannot live without is Angel food cake!! It's my perfect my lips but better color and I refuse to leave the house without it with me. Butter believe I own multiples! Butter safe than sorry! Jillian M. My all-time favorite product: I have loved the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms for some time now, but then they came out with a new lip gloss and I knew I had to try it. First things first, the packaging is gorgeouse! The sleek print and see through tube allows you to really see the product that you are buying, which grabbed my attention right away!

The applicator allows for easy and mess free application.

MAC Lipglasses dupe list!

An important thing to me as a cosmetic consumer is that a product I am putting on doesn't have a nasty smell, these lip glosses smell incredibly sweet and irresistible. The color is just the right touch of something special without being too overbearing. The reason this is my new go to gloss, is because I know I can apply it at work, on a date, or anywhere and don't have to worry about checking it or reapplying it after eating or let's say kissing lol.

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