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They both fill a niche.

Apple’s ‘Get a Mac,’ the Complete Campaign

And they're both successful for their parent companies in their own ways. Macs are highly profitable for Apple, which is still primarily a hardware company. Windows is everywhere, from cheap laptops to premium machines like the Surface Studio , and that's good for Microsoft, which is still mainly a software company. Cortana on Windows Matt Weinberger. They can both win. Windows and Apple have their die-hard fans, sure, but they can happily coexist. Apple and Google both won. Each of them got exactly what it wanted from the smartphone business.

How Apple’s Famous “I’m A Mac” Ads Branded Fanboys For Life

Apple is selling a lot of profitable iPhones; Google gets its web services and search engine in front of more people. So while iPhones and Androids may have few features that set them apart, they are still, by and large, running the same major apps, connecting to the same big services. Each phone operating system has its pluses and minuses, but each is pretty much as useful to a vast majority of people as the other.

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Switching between a PC and Mac was simple because even my handwritten notes from the Windows 10 computer were stored in Microsoft's Office cloud service. I didn't need to worry about syncing my music between computers because I use the Spotify service on my Mac and PC and iPhone. This is why Microsoft is making sure Office apps and services are available for the iPhone and Android. It's why Apple is going to bring its new Apple Music service to Android.

When the operating system doesn't matter, users are free to choose whatever service suits them, at any time. It also means that picking a computer or a phone is no longer like getting sorted into a house at Hogwarts. Go where you want, do what you want. So relax, and remember that you don't owe the big tech companies anything. Let them serve you, in the way that you want. Get the latest Microsoft stock price here. Get the latest Google stock price here.

Another similar campaign to this was also the DirectTV vs.

The whole 'Mac vs. PC' thing is so over, and 'Android vs. iPhone' is close behind

Dish Network, where DirectTV would also describe how they were superior to Dish in each one of their commercials. Studies have shown that most people do not actually know if they are persuaded by an advertisement because so much of it is done psychologically. Therefore for one to say the ad did not work on them is not always a completely valid statement.

This can work both ways. However, often someone says that something worked for them, then it most likely did. Their sales showed a finite increase so to claim it did not work would be difficult. People often think there is no such thing as bad publicity, so even if this did attract much negative attention, it still attracted a great deal of it.

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Mac users have deeper connection with their computers than PC users do with theirs.

Jones, C. Quinn, R.

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Rhoads, K. Get-a-Mac Campaign Analysis. Name required. Mail required.

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July 23, Section: Uncategorized Comments 0 Permalink. Case Study: Planning To create this advertising campaign, the advertiser Apple Inc. Execution As well as airing in the United States, this advertisement campaign was also seen overseas, such as by audiences in Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Research Conducted by the Company When picking the starring actors in this campaign, there is a clear depiction on who Apple is trying to reach in its audience.

Retrieval and Review Collateral The success of an ad campaign is often measured by its longevity. Evaluation A campaign that screams such bold statements is sure to start an internet swirl of feedback. References DeWitt, P. Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State.