Back to nature mac and cheese

Between the two stores I went to, Whole Foods and Wegmans, I bought three boxes of alternative mac and cheese: I won't write much about the Whole Foods and the Annie's versions.

My family doesn't ever want to see them in our house again. I didn't find the Annie's all that bad, but my husband and boys didn't like it all.

Back to Nature Mac & Cheese Taste Test Challenge #BackToNatureMac - Finding Zest

We all found the Whole Foods version really unappealing. We all agreed we could actually taste cheddar cheese in the Back to Nature version.

BoxMac 3: Battle of the Organics

I noticed immediately after preparing both that the Crazy Bugs from Back to Nature where a lot creamier. That was what the rest of my family commented on as well. The results were very obvious just looking at their plates.

Back to Nature Mac & Cheese Taste Test Challenge #BackToNatureMac

Both of my boys asked for seconds of the bugs before their bunnies were gone! My husband and I had to agree, the bugs were much creamier and had a great texture and flavor. When comparing all four boxes we received however, the Back to Nature Crazy Bugs wins hands down. You can purchase Back to Nature at stores nationwide.

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