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Yet, as I was about to purchase one of these adaptors, I noticed that the description said that only one of these outputs can be used at once so I wouldn't be able to have one monitor plugged into the DVI and the other plugged into the VGA as per the above photo. Is this right? If so, what is the recommended setup to have a working dual screen setup with the mac mini? Would I need to get two of these adaptors and plug one each into the two Thunderbolt ports that my mac mini has?

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Seems a bit overkill if you can't utilise more than one port on an adaptor at once. The general answer is your Mac Mini has two Thunderbolt 2 ports so your best bet is to drive one monitor from HDMI and the other from Thunderbolt so that you have another Thunderbolt port free for storage or networking. Out of the box, fully supported by Apple is either two displays via Thunderbolt and they can chain if one of the display is actually Thunderbolt and not DP or another adapter or one display via Thunderbolt and the other via HDMI.

See http: The part you listed looks like it will connect to a Thunderbolt port and end that chain and be seen by OS X as one display no matter which of the older ports you connect to one or more displays.

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Something like this should work. Seeing how thunderbolt can support display port connections this would allow you to use multiple monitors while only using one port.

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Dual screen with new Mac Mini Ask Question. We currently use dual screen on all machines in the office. I'm wanting to hook these up to the mac mini and use dual screen.

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  5. The mac mini has thunderbolt and hdmi output. I've done some research and what it looks like I would need is a: Your advice or recommendations greatly appreciated.


    What displays do you have and what cable is best for connecting each? These new chipsets have a shamefully low limit for monitors. Heck, the old Macbook Pro was capable of more. I also hope Apple trains their employees better on Apple-supported options to add additional displays, since they all had no clue about eGPUs or Airplay.

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    One senior advisor even told me over the phone that the info I was requesting on adding a 4th monitor was confidential; I wish I was making this up. It worked perfectly out of the box; no drivers or configuration needed, just plug and play. They are lightning fast and the eGPU only uses one Thunderbolt 3 port. You can find that here. Hey, I'm James!

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