Mac miller faces mixtape lyrics

People write him off as some white rapper that got famous off of party songs. These opponents, unfortunately, take him at surface value and neglectfully avoid looking into his work as an artist. The next project released by Miller was his most experimental.


Miller wallows in his addiction and self-loathing completely over the dark production of 24 tracks. Shortly after the release, Miller chose to put an end to his drug abuse. It just eats at your mind, doing drugs every single day, every second. That was the plan with Faces: This interview officially marked a public change of Mac Miller, not only psychologically but also musically.

OD AM. The Pittsburgh rapper actually sounded happy to be rapping and displayed his positive vibes throughout the tracklist. The project takes the concept of feel-good music and mixes it with moderately intricate lyricism. Where do stars come from? I had to get myself in a state of mind that was comfortable with myself and what my life is. So I wanted this album to be more upbeat and fun. In an interview with BigBoyTV , Miller talks about being able to enjoy his success again without worrying about what people think when he says,. And that just makes me happy because I think like people want to see me flex a little bit.

Why We're Attracted to Artists Killing Themselves - DJBooth

Sometimes we just wanna turn up. He no longer needs to rely on illicit substances because he knows that he is creating the quality music that he wants to make. He does not fear the future, but rather embraces it and focuses on being happy and having a good time. I wanted a drug to do.

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Overdosing is not cool. There is no legendary romance. You just die. I think they love me. I love them. No alcohol and no drugs with the exception of cigarettes. This is real sadness. At first listen, the new album is packed with explicit love songs from start to finish. Love songs for, presumably, Grande.

Album details

However, Miller maintains that it is about more. When asked by Charlamagne whether the album is about Ariana Grande, Mac asks him in return how long he thinks an album takes to make.

"Faces" Album Lyrics

His relationship with Grande is very recent, and he is insinuating that he started constructing this project well before dating her. He even cites nature as a major inspiration for the music.

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  • Miller illustrated his deep existentialism on "The Question" in 2012..
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  • He opened up about addiction in the 2013 song " The Star Room."?
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  • The more you make love to it and the less you try to fuck it, the better it all becomes for you. Bring me to life.

    Mac Miller - Polo Jeans Ft Earl Sweatshirt [Lyrics Video]

    This is nothing new or ground-breaking, seeing as how musicians have used nature in comparison to women for decades before Miller. However, that is the most depth his lyrics reach on this album.

    Mac Miller's Creative Evolution Through His Music Videos

    While he is vulnerable and opens up emotionally in his expression of love through his lyrics, he relies mostly on his laidback, emotional production to carry him on the project. Aww man, man, it's crazy bein' so rich, damn [Verse 1: Earl Sweatshirt] In '09, we were still on the bus, nigga Before Nak was deluxe, when I didn't have a brush When it still wasn't hoes tryna fuck with me Fore I cleaned up a bit like it's company comin' I ain't know we were on the cusp of the money Tryna get a few bucks under custody And my twin brothers was all Syd's brothers So my kin gully and my skin toughened And thick lens coverin' my eyes now They bright, nigga, I'm just high now And if this a different way to clear my mind out I need to find out, I'm doing fine now And I don't look as stupid when I talk now And everybody at the show look astounded And posted up drowsy In the cut so much that it's pus 'round me Catch him in the daytime or dusk hours Smokin' out the pound, [?

    Chargin' niggas like a Tomlison win, nigga Slight frown on the brow on the brim, color brown Runnin' wild on the route that was picked When the clouds branch out I'm out with my face in the shallow, drownin' again [Hook: Mac Miller] I've been drownin' with this shallow soul Shallow soul, shallow soul You are drinkin' from a shallow soul Shallow soul, shallow soul [Verse 2: Mac Miller] [Verse 3: