Mac mini 2012 i7 vs i5

2012 Mac mini - Still running strong in 2017 - Review after 5 Years

Best result in bold. Reference models in italics. We also looked at the performance differences between the new low-end model and a mid entry-level Mac mini with a 2. The Mac mini was 68 percent faster and finished the Cinebench CPU test in half the time of the model. The older system took nearly three times as long to complete our Photoshop action script. MathematicaMark was 78 percent faster on the new system, Cinebench CPU tests took 53 percent less time to complete, and HandBrake was 24 percent faster than the old model.

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Mac mini (Late ) Benchmarks - Geekbench Browser

Lower results are better. And the base mini has no AES updated instructions. You would want the one with the radeon graphics as the intel has a bug with 24P content, the dual core i5 is plenty fast enough to transcode any media for any remote clients. Trudge Hi He is telling you fibs: The 3 processes used are below; http: Westyfield2 Quoted for truth. Hyper-threading is indeed a differentiator between the desktop i5 and i7 lines, but both i5 and i7 mobile lines have hyper-threading.

Other than the clock speed and turbo frequency difference between individual models, I believe the main difference between mobile i5 and i7 is that the i7 line has more CPU Cache.

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Simmo Those swine at Apple! Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for the info and clarification. Looks like even less of a definitive reason to go with the i7, for a machine that will be used exclusively as a Plex Media Server. My usual use is with the MacMini running PMS for a "main" TV typically p and p video content , but also simultaneously transcoding to a laptop Plex client and to an iPad.

Mac mini i5 or i7 ?

Anyone using the 2. Any issues? Thanks again. Like I said: Except the processor which is not a quad-core like the iMac, the high-end Mac mini has better specs than the iMac, right? Refurbished inch iMac 3. Feb 14, 2: The task of removal is a 5 of Watch video at ow. Feb 14, 6: I live in Portugal and I have to buy directly to Apple, please advice me according to my initial description. It's been nothing but trouble.

Core i5 or Core i7—does your computer need the extra juice?

Apple Store has done two reformats and reinstalls of Yosemite and every diagnostic in their arsenal. The Mini still stalls, restarts on it's own and generates kernel panics. The Apple Store told me that if I'd installed the drive myself the warranty would be void and they couldn't help me.

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Feb 15, 2: With that said, I still have 2 Minis in service. My Mini Server my former workstation was.

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  2. Lab Tested: Mac mini gets a nice speed boost | Macworld!
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  4. Feb 15, 4: I've done several Mini SSD updates and have had zero issues. It was not that hard.

    2012 Mac mini: Individual application scores

    Not sure what happened on your install. Feb 15, 7: Please stop suggesting replacing parts on a machine. May 2, 2: