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Download VMware Horizon Client for macOS

Permalink Feb 09, Unknown User jordan I got that too! Did you ever figure it out?

Permalink Aug 06, Unknown User hchang2. You need to first login to your UMBC account at http: Then after logging in, go to https: From there, if you look at the bottom of the page there should be a tab for "Client Application Sessions" and right below that should be "Network Connect". Look to the right and click Start.

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After clicking on Start, it should redirect to a screen saying "Launching Network Connect". Latest maintenance release of View 5.

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Display protocols: New in VMware Horizon Client 4. VMware Horizon Performance Tracker support: If VMware Horizon Performance Tracker is installed in a remote desktop, or is configured as a published application, you use Horizon Client for Mac to connect to the remote desktop and run it in the remote desktop, or connect to and run the published application.

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VMware Blast selects the optimal transport automatically: In this release, Horizon Client for Mac senses current network conditions and chooses one or more transports to provide the best user experience automatically.