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Apparently i can edit this in the full acrobat version but I'd like to hold off on spending the US dollars on this.

I took a look in TextWrangler but the code in here looks quite daunting. Terminal type commands seems like it is also more than I want to bite off on this one and it does seem to me like mac ought to have an easier was to edit this kind of data, which would be really great of course. Hopefully if someone has a good answer on doing this with mac software they will drop in.

I can't tell whether your url requires a purchase to use at which point I sort of would just want to end up buying Acrobat and get it over with so I get full functionality.

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Ideally I'd buy a Acrobat 3D version but I can't tell if this is available for the mac or only on windows which would be a bummer. In any event, I am not sure I understand the "not meant to be edited" aspect of this. Seems to me like a lot of folks have been posting that they have been having issues with this due to the various ways of printing to pdf.

However, in the case of someone giving me a pdf, and where I have edited in in Acrobat Reader - I can't see why I shouldn't be able to edit a bad Title so that it shows up to match the File Name There isn't any Mac or Windows software that allows you to edit the metadata of a PDF, so looking for that will waste a lot of your time. That information was never meant to be edited by the user; Acrobat Pro won't even let you do that, so paying for that would be a huge waste of money.

Dec 25, 3: Dec 25, 9: Neither of the tools I suggested can do this automatically, because the file name is variable. Of course, they can do it file by file, but what's the point of having a computer if one can't do batch processing?

How to Edit PDF Metadata on Mac (Mojave Included) | Wondershare PDFelement

Automator should have been the right tool, but, unfortunately, Set PDF Metadata does not accept variables as inputs. So, to insert variable strings in PDF metadata by batch processing you need something else. Referencing the specification is a nice idea. On some of this stuff though the explanations sort of fly over my head if I don't ask a follow up. I think I checked today and Acrobat Pro is like U. I mean, I only noticed this because there is a difference between these both in terms of files that were given to me and by ones I created on my own.

Also, it is sort of a bummer that I can see this info so easily in Preview but I can't edit it. Dec 25, 5: It should take you less time to do that than it took you to write and post your message. Dec 26, Jan 1, 3: Unfortunately for some reason PDFInfo is not giving google info it understands and the edited titles are coming up mostly question marks. Then I clicked OK. Since I did not create these documents I cannot go in and edit the Title name in Inspector in Pages as someone kindly suggested for these.

Jan 1, 4: If the document is not protected, you will be able to enter new author, title, etc, in the save dialogue. And you already have something else. Nov 25, Any ideas? Dec 12, 6: Yes, I realized the same thing shame on Apple to release such an unmature application like iBooks The Model Tree opens and shows a hierarchical list of all structural elements. The selected object is highlighted on the page. Use the Highlight Color menu at the top of the Model Tree to choose a different color.

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PDF properties and metadata Search. Acrobat User Guide. Select an article: On this page View document properties Add a description to Document Properties Create document properties Edit document metadata View object data and metadata. Applies to: Acrobat Acrobat DC. View document properties. Click a tab in the Document Properties dialog box. Document Properties.

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  5. Initial View Acrobat only. Custom Acrobat only. Lets you add document properties to your document. Lists PDF settings, print dialog presets, and reading options for the document. Add a description to Document Properties.

    Add a description to Document Properties

    Optional Click Additional Metadata to add other descriptive information, such as copyright information. Create document properties. To add a property, type the name and value, and then click Add. To change the properties, do any of the following, and then click OK:. To edit a property, select it, change the Value, and then click Change.

    To delete a property, select it and click Delete.

    macOS: Use Preview Inspector To Look At Photo Metadata

    Edit document metadata. View document metadata.

    Click Advanced to display all the metadata embedded in the document. Metadata is displayed by schema—that is, in predefined groups of related information. Display or hide the information in schemas by schema name. The XML name space is contained in parentheses after the schema name. When you have removed the metadata that you do not need, you can go ahead and edit the file as you would wish by clicking on the "Edit" button. This will make the file new, and this brings you as the new author of the file.

    You may also remove metadata and then replace it with some new version. With the removal of the metadata, and subsequent editing of the PDF file, you may now go to "File" menu and click on the "Save" button to save the file as a new PDF file. People say that only Adobe Acrobat Pro can remove the metadata of a file. The tools are also not as expensive as Acrobat Pro.

    The editing power of this new tool is comparable with that of Acrobat, as you shall see later. Editing metadata is great when you want to do an overhaul of a file that you had before. Removing the old metadata ill reflect that this is a later and edited version of some work that you had done in the past.