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Yes, 3rd party plugins like Perian needed. But on Mavericks not even the older QT videos can be played. User friendly? Everything works fine, reliable and very fast. Advice to upgrade to Mavericks is stupid Bullsquid!!! Only one thing I miss from Yosemite are iCloud Drive. But if Apple think to blackmail me with this, F..

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Then, continue following the on-screen prompts to complete the process. The audio from my firewire sound card glitches at every available opportunity. Just recently compiled the java runtime myself to keep it up to date, and have been living on the libraries provided by macports for a while now, since Fink has stopped supporting Oh, by the way, when I finally have to pull the plug on I have debian linux fully up-to-date installed on this in preparation for the day. My iMac is running Lion I am having a problem with updating java, though.

Could you pass on any articles or such which can help me compile my java runtime? Great comment and very inspiring. And I really resent the inevitable, yet somehow always unexpected costly loss of support for other apps. Anyone coming with us?!! When I used I only wish that Even ChronoSync is total garbage after extensively testing it against like 4 other backup software options. My last bit of advice, if on This is an article aimed at users who are still running OS X Lion, which is buggy and poorly implemented with weird feature revisions that have been since walked back.

This article and more importantly the responses is aimed at anyone whom is pissed off with Mavericks is the general feeling.

How to Upgrade Mac to macOS High Sierra

What I find is everyone saying how s! I skipped over the Lions myself and regret not reading this thread beforehand. Everyone should asses their own system and decide on their own. If someone has a perfectly working computer or smartphone then why should they upgrade and risk the chance of getting into a world of hurt. I know enough about the whole Apple soap opera and their push of squeezing people for more money to buy newer systems and making still good and relevant programs obsolete, i. Yosemite better than Mavericks IMO, but unlike ML to Lion, not noticeably better; all existing bugs, or manifestations of existing bugs, remain.

This is what happens when you prioritise features over stability. Goodbye OS X, it really was a pleasure knowing you. Perhaps you will get in touch when we, the advanced, productive, privacy-sensitive users, matter to you again? Nothing is perfect in the world, everything at least has to have a small bit of error, even the very great OS X Snow Leopard had some error.

I am seriously questioning my change to Apple , and wonder if their machines price performance ratio is good today. My experience is that when you upgrade you have to do a lot of work getting all your plug ins updated etc. Answer to title question of this article. Because I have macbook4,1 to which Lion is the last compatible Os X.

Hi just about to install Lion Thank you. You buy me a brandnew MacPro? I have a Macbook Late with Lion, it is not possible to upgrade to any other operating system. I even purchased Mountain Lion from the App Store, only to find out that it would not download. Am still running Lion on Macbook Pro late Photoshop etc. Apple will get my money on their computers but nothing else phones, watches etc. Google chrome says I need to upgrade to something beyond OSX What should I upgrade to?

I wholeheartedly disagree with the author of this article. He was just parroting the narrative. Each to their own. And frankly, there is no security patch for the NSA. To answer your question, you can still use the very latest Firefox 46 or Opera 23, as they support That Chrome update warning is very irritating. Jumping through hoops just to please the whims and fancies of Google et al.

This is the irony. Who generates more revenue?

Is Your Mac Still Running OS X Lion? Why? You Should Upgrade to OS X Mavericks

Apple stopped updates to Safari awhile back but regularly updates for iTunes. This begs the question, if its possible for iTunes, why not Safari? Hi Guys. Please Help.. I just tried to update my iMac OSX lion I really want to upgrade but I keep running into a brick wall. I do not believe I can survive another trip to the apple store, the last was truly traumatizing. I was told to bring it in for upgrading but after many hours and much confusion I was told it was done,only to bring it home and find out that indeed nothing was done.

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  • Thank you D. Jamb, you do not know how to upgrade Mac! The situation has improved. It is the least worst. And I keep my hardware upgraded, mostly. That would be nice. But running a mature OS undoubtedly has advantages. Fewer updates and changes. It works. Oh, and Windows. It never happened unfortunately. I still have my eye on it, but it does look as though, slow though the pace is, OS X is still just about acceptable.

    Works beautifully. I might switch yet, but eventually even the worst OS X releases, especially the disaster area that was Yosemite, do eventually get fixed. Ok, so all I need to do before downloading for free the latest version of Mac OS X is do a full system backup. But what do I back it up to? Is there a cloud-based storage that I can do a full nearly GB backup to? The only reason I still use OS X I have The MAJOR bonus is they never ever wake from sleep whereas my macpro tower never goes to sleep no matter how many troubleshoots and wireless ignores I select.

    Such a massive downgrade on the software side since someone passed away. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

    What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite

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    If you have done a complete installation of macOS, you must be enjoying the completely new macOS now. I believe you also want to keep your Mac clean. I must tell you there is a savior for your Mac! Its name is Dr. Duplicates are selected not only by the file name but also by their contents. Files are shown in detailed previews. Duplicates can be sorted by file type and listed in their full route for you to track. You can decide which way to clean these files; either by sending them to trash or deleting them permanently.

    You probably also need an intelligent app uninstaller.

    Cleaner has this function. It can auto-clean leftovers of deleted apps and manage all the applications installed on your Mac easily. It will also notify you of new updates to installed apps. Posted on: April 24, Posted in: Related posts: Featured Authors.

    Mac OSX Lion How to do a Clean Install

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