Lost my word icon on mac

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Microsoft Word icon changed to unknown program [Solved]

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When I reinstall the MS Office the word documents are not showing in the default word icon and showing the icon of unknown programs give me the solution pls. I also lost my word icon but followed Johns advice and it worked thanks John.

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Dear sir, happy Plz help me in recovering ms word icon regards susigaran. Pam - Mar 1, at Hi I scanned my doc to a PDF file and sent it to someone, then when we tried to put it into word doc we couldn't, can you tell me how to do that so I can update the doc. Thanks Pam. You can then either markup the document or convert to word via OCR software, though it doesn't always come out the way it looks on paper when dealing with forms. Hope this helps! Omg thanks jhonny you help me alot! Thank you to johnny's advice, I got my microsoft word icon back.

EPE - Feb 13, at When I rt click on the desktop, a new Word Doc option is not on the list. What to do next? Meggles - Apr 3, at Arbri - May 7, at Go to microsoft office-- microsoft office tools-- microsoft office picture manager-- help-- detect and repair-- check restore my shortcuts while repairing. One solution to the missing Dock icon issue is to temporarily remove the app from your Dock and then re-add it. Once that generic icon is gone, add the application back to your Dock. One way to do that is to open your Applications folder and drag the item in question down into your Dock; you can find a shortcut to that Applications folder by clicking on the blue smiley face on the left side of your Dock to open the Finder ….

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Applications go on the left side of that line, and folders, files, and other shortcuts live on the right side. In many cases, removing and re-adding an application can solve the issue.

Icons microsoft office for Mac missing

This special troubleshooting technique will clean out some low-level caches and other files that could be the source of your problem. To attempt this, first shut your Mac down from the Apple Menu at the upper-left corner of your screen. Afterward, press the power button to turn your computer back on, and then immediately hold down the Shift key on your keyboard.

But anyway, once you restart, your Dock will likely be back to normal.