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This is perhaps the most common error experienced by users on all platforms when Chromecasting.

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Basic fixes include checking that your Chromecast is set up correctly. Make sure that the Mac device and Chromecast-enabled TV are connected to the same network. If the problem still persists, consider configuring your Chromecast device. Use the 2. If this does not work too, then consider using PT through Google Chrome.

Popcorn Time Mac – 4 Minutes Complete Setup Guide 2018

So, to fix the issue, disable the setting, reboot chrome, and try casting again! Popcorn Time enjoys a prominent presence on Reddit with many users constantly asking questions about the software, while troubleshooting common issues. There is even a dedicated Popcorn Time Reddit Thread, where you can find all information about the application, regardless of the OS you use it on. For instance, if you read the Reddit thread below, you will see a user is facing trouble installing the application on Mac.

Popcorn Time | Frequently asked questions

Many users come in to help and offer possible fixes to the problem. If you need any information on the app, you should consider using Reddit too! This opinion is shared by many users across multiple platforms. Below you can see a few twitter users praising Popcorn Time on Mac! If you are facing trouble in using Popcorn Time on Mac, remember not to panic. Simply follow the instructions below to troubleshoot common issues.

Once-for-All Solution to Tackle All the Popcorn Time Not Working Problems

Many users face trouble in getting Popcorn Time to work. If you are facing similar issues, try switching to a previous version of the software. Most importantly, there are many different forks available for PT.

Make sure you are installing it from the. Yes, it is completely safe and secure to download the Popcorn Time application on Mac. In fact, you can scan the software from any anti-virus. Consider refreshing your internet connection or restarting PT to fix the issue. Most often, the app may give loading errors, due to lags in bandwidth or because of the Firewall blocking PT. So, make sure you have PT on the list of trustable apps! For Mac-specific recommendations, refer to the list below. If you are facing trouble in installing Popcorn Time on Mac, then make sure to follow the above mentioned steps and troubleshooting tips.

Click to see how to tackle YouTube video loading problem. Okay, so I was going to watch movies on Popcorn time but apparentely I can't. Weird, the app just not downloading movies. When I go into the screen to download it, it just spins the loading thing for like 2 minutes and then goes back to the selection screen. I'm not sure why it's doing this and it'd be great if I could get some help.

Check out the movies you wanna download are available now or not. Examine your network connection. In the event your network is in snail speed, it's reasonable to see to minute delay in video streaming and downloading. See if there is lack of codec support, which will directly result in the failure of movies downloading. Have a try on Popcorn Time alternative to make free full movies download from YouTube the biggest video sharing sites with a robust YouTube downloader. I downloaded Popcorn Time today, and it worked perfectly the first time.

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Then later on when I tried to watch something, all I can see is a black screen while the sound plays in the background. I tried playing it through VLC media player and it worked just fine. I have tried un-installing it like other posts have suggested but nothing seems to work. Check if the movie resource is complete and intact.

If it's incomplete or broken, then the playback only with sound can be accepted. Introduce VLC to fix black screen issue. Change the cache directory in settings to a new folder.

How to fix Popcorn Time not working, error loading data & buffering issues on ANDROID !!2018!!

ATI graphics cards: Press "Reset to Default settings" in advanced settings. Read and know the solution to YouTube black screen sound only issue. Hi there, I have been using PcT for several months now. But since a few weeks, when I try to watch a movie or TV series, the download starts very fast I always try to select files with a lot of seeds , but then it stucks in the "blue spinning circle" screen forever. I tried deleting the PopCorn Time folder inside ".

I tried deactivating the subtitles too I found someone with a kind of similar problem in another forum and he solved with tat , but isn't working either. Shift to an external media player like VLC or something else. Check if your bandwidth is sound or not. Try a free service of VPN to see if it works fine.