Sincronizar iphone con mac via wifi

Select the file to share and send it to the available connected device earlier via Bluetooth. Transferencia de iPhone 1.

Sync or remove content using iTunes

Transferencia de Contactos de iPhone 1. Sinconizar los Contactos de iPhone 2. Encontrar y Combinar Contactos en el iPhone 3. Transferir Contactos desde el iPhone a Android 4. Transferir MP3 a iPhone 5. Transferencia de Videos de iPhone 6. Pasar Videos desde Mac al iPhone 6.

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Transferencia de Datos de iPhone Data 7. Transferir Archivos del iPhone 9. Sincronizar el iPhone con Varios ordenadores Transferir Aplicaciones desde el iPhone a iTunes.

Sync your 1Password data

Descargar Descargar. Bluetooth Communicator 2. Bluetooth Photo Share. Wireless Transfer App. Your actual library photos will remain untouched. Important Note - Manually deleting the cache folder could potentially cause a corruption of the Photos app. A safer and easier solution would be to download and install CleanMyMac X. To use CleanMyMac to safely remove your Photos cache files:. Things can get messy very quickly, and an iPhone sync with Photos just complicates the process even more.

Cómo imprimir con Wifi con un iPhone o iPad (iOS 10)

Manually looking through your system for duplicate photos is a nightmare. Instead, try a Gemini 2 The Duplicate Finder.

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It will quickly scan your system and present all your duplicate photos, making it incredibly easy to choose what stays and what goes. As with CleanMyMac, Gemini is incredibly safe.

In fact, if you remove a photo by mistake, it can easily bring that photo back from the dead. But if you are looking for one-stop solution that will sync all data between Mac and your iPhone directly, within one app and without the need to use cloud storages — take a look at SyncMate. This app will sync contacts, calendar events, folders with files, Safari bookmarks, photos and music directly between native apps on Mac and iPhone.

More about syncing iOS with Mac using SyncMate along with the full list of sync options and sync directions for them can be found here. When we know we have to sync our Mac with iPhone, it can feel like a chore. We hope that this guide has given you the tools to make syncing iPhone to iTunes much easier and more productive. Login to the SplashID Safe Desktop app and make sure it is not locked and its Timeout setting is set to a proper value. Make sure it is allowed. Also, in some third-party firewalls there is a setting to choose if your network is Public or Private.

This should usually be set to Private, if not, change it to that. On Windows, your Windows PC is set to not be discoverable on the network. If so, please change the setting so it is. The desktop computer and mobile device are not on the same WiFi network. If your WiFi router has both a Guest and a named network, please make sure the mobile device is connected to the named network.

If your WiFi router has dual band - both 2.