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After booting Android, connect to your wifi router by tapping the 6 dots in the top right corner, then navigate to the "Settings" icon, tap on "Settings" then navigate to "Wifi" and connect to the wifi signal of your choice. Then navigate to the " Security " option on the Settings page and scroll the right side until " Unknown sources " is visible and tap to check it.

TouchPad Toolbox: Installing Android on the HP TouchPad

This is required to install apps from apps stores like Amazon or from a web page. Set your time zone. While you're in the "Settings", tap on "Storage", then tap on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, then tap on "USB Computer connection", then checkmark "Media Device", to permit you to hook your TP up to any computer, as if it were an external hard drive.

If your TP is off, turn it on and select "boot ClockworkMod: Tap on " reboot ". That will take you straight to a menu that can be navigated with the volume up and down buttons. Navigate to " install zip from SD card ", then hit enter by way of pressing the Home button on the black bezel of the TP. On the next window, it will stop on the option to " choose zip from SD card ". In the next window. Navigate to the gapps zip file, and hit enter one more time. The next window asks you to confirm the decision by navigating to the word " yes " then hit enter, at which point, the TP takes over and flashes the file.

When it's done, you navigate through the menu to reboot and it will update as it boots up and you should have the play store installed. Very simple procedure, no digging for links or digging through threads to find the right rom! Please don't go off and run off installing Nightly. Follow the correct procedure to do so. Also remember to run a nandroid backup just incase you mess up.

Hp Touchpad Flashing Android Jellybean on OS X Tutorial)

Don't go off crying in the forums the latest nightly broke your tablet. Any who, mine is fine gapps wiki also lists changes: CM7 Android for TP [ blogspot. Honeycomb to TouchPad port - blamza. Pics here: Must know jargon ssh, chroot, novaterm. Try at your own risk. Otherwise after creating ext3fs and rebooting, when you go to first start screen with webos credentials, your preware will be GONE 2. Otherwise you cannot connect to wifi. Guides on lilliputing, infogenra are fairly simplistic.

Link to this Wiki. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. Cyan 2. Hadn't had had any wifi issues before just kept wifi on always.

How to "TouchDroid" While Keeping your TouchPad

No sod yet but just put it on. Helpful Comment? All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions. Leonardo da Vinci. Quote from brbubba: Last edited by brisar October 20, at Monkey's Apprentice. Thanks rambunctious for the new thread!!! So who is still having issues on the new build? I still get the sleep of death issue.

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One nice thing they did fix was google maps, I can now download it from the marketplace and it works great! Ram bunc tious. Enjoying OTs. For noob's sake i.

How To: Installing Android on HP Touchpad

Wifi fixed? Eventually when Android is readily available, what will be missing from WebOS? Quote from RiversMerge: Grand Master. We kind of already had a thread that discusses most of the questions here in this thread. I had no themes or anything else installed if that matters. Sleep of death seems to be fixed for me, Wifi seems fixed for now More testing tonight. Better general app compatibility, seems a little faster too.

When playing music with the screen off I still get static when the volume is loud.

That is my number 1 problem right now. Vague questions receive vague answers. Quote from LiquidRetro: May be someone could be a FAQ directly in the Wiki instead of pointing to somewhere else. Like does this work with 3. Quote from MozartA: Followed this link [ tabletsupportforum.

The *official* Android on the HP Touchpad owner's thread

I can install apps from the store. Camera shows the picture on screen but cannot capture it. Installed Netflix app but only get the audio. Video doesn't work well in youtube or other sites. A job very well done by the folks at Cyanogenmod. Hope to get fixes for the video in the next release. I recently installed the Cyanogenmod 7. I push the on button and it goes right to WebOS.

Locate the folder where the driver is installed. Normally it will be in C: This will also depend if you are running a bit or bit Windows OS. You can also use the latest unofficial nightly build for CyanogenMod 9, but using the update-cm After the TouchPad is recognized, create a file in the main folder named cminstall. Reconnect the tablet to the computer and let the computer recognize it, installing the necessary USB drivers.

Use the command prompt to install the files stored on the TouchPad. Remove any quotations. Go to Start or the Windows Icon and type cmd in the search box. Find the Palm, Inc folder. The easiest way is to highlight the text and then in the command prompt, right click with the mouse and select paste.

Then press enter and watch code start streaming on the screen of the TouchPad. You can update CyanogenMod with the latest nightly build so you have the latest version, but keep in mind that the CyanogenMod 9 still contains bugs.