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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia kicks off Season 12 by turning black. Of course, Frank isn't supposed to use that word — let alone scream it across the street — and we're not supposed to find it funny, but jeesh, hearing Frank scream the slur is not only funny but somehow R efreshing , not least because DeVito sounds like a slimy bridge troll when saying it. The whole setup is utterly ridiculous yet almost complex: Frank has just used a horrible, hateful word, but to save Mac's life. Is it still bad? Next, the degenerates start disputing the rightful owner of the ticket, and they come to employ the services of a black female arbiter, who is clearly over these crazy white people the second they walk in.

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Inept, entirely dumb existential chatter ensues: Has a hate crime occurred? Can you use awful language for a good purpose? And, taking this boneheaded discussion to its nadir, the question is posed: If you can use any language you like to save someone's life, what's the worst possible word you could say to this woman? What to stream now.

Dennis Glenn Howerton tries to change the conversation.

'It's Always Sunny' Star Rob McElhenney Reveals How He Got So Ripped to Play Jacked Mac

And that's when Charlie blurts out the unthinkable: And not the one rappers use, but the one with the -er that dyed in the wool racists use. It's shocking — not just for the characters but for us too: And yet, you're giggling, because the web of cognitive overlaps is causing havoc in your brain: Somehow, the insanity goes up a notch further.

In order to gain possession of the ticket, Mac has to admit to a new arbiter; the last one couldn't take any more he's gay, which he resists — even after Dennis drags in, as evidence, Mac's customized bicycle that's also clearly a very aggressive sex toy. If you still had teeth after your mouth when your jaw dropped here, kudos.

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But then Mac says he's gay to get the lotto ticket. Yes, Mac said he was gay last season on that gay Christian cruise but this time, the moment is played with sincerity and the slow, sensitive score that implies he really did mean it. See you at Pride, buddy. Winter TV , FX.

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The Cool Kids Review: There was a practical reason for Mac to have a partner, too. My purpose in the dance is to exalt her and make her look as good as possible. When they opened auditions for dancers, they wondered if they needed someone who was at the top of her technical game or should be more raw and emotional. But the one the three of us kept coming back to was Kylie. The audition consisted of about a minute and a half of the actual choreography, which the prospective dancers performed with different male dancers. During callbacks, the finalists auditioned with McElhenney. He wowed me from the very first day with his abilities as a dancer.

They signed on immediately, which was great. For McElhenney to learn a few dance moves was one thing. To learn how to partner dance was an entirely different test, one that required establishing complete trust. Shea, who spent three years partner dancing for a Seattle dance company, knows a thing or two about being dropped.

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  3. The Surprising Sympathy for Mac’s Body Issues in ‘Always Sunny’.
  4. But in the two-and-a-half months she rehearsed with McElhenney, she says it never even got close. McElhenney says the realization that he could actually pull off the routine struck him bit by bit. Just garbage. Moctezuma replied: But we can definitely create something specifically for you that has this water element. Still, McElhenney was not deterred. It just feels dangerous and cool and makes it more of a struggle. And also, the trust in the water was at a whole other level. He was supposed to swing her around, twirl her with one hand, and then let her go in the gushing water, but something unexpected happened when he moved his foot and lost the grip.

    "Mac Finds His Pride" in a stunning, game-changing It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia finale

    As Faulk spun, McElhenney flipped forward, landing like a ninja to prevent her from falling. In June, seven months after McElhenney began training, the five-minute dance scene was finally filmed on a soundstage. Biermann hired a camera-crane operator from Dancing With the Stars because of his experience following movement. During the hour shoot, they split the dance into sections and spent at least half the day filming with rain falling on the perimeter of the stage, but not on McElhenney and Shea.

    It just looked so much more compelling and interesting when they were soaking wet.

    'Dune' Reboot Gets Official Release Date and Star-Packed Cast

    Most of the actual shots used in the episode came from the last three takes. Seeing McElhenney get emotional made everyone else weepy in rehearsals. Biermann, who has directed over a dozen Sunny episodes, was impressed with the level of ambition McElhenney showed for the scene. The scene ends with Frank finally understanding what Mac has been trying to share with him. DeVito was not present when McElhenney and Shea filmed the dance, but he, Cummins, and the actors playing the inmates watched it on a movie screen the day they shot their reactions.

    I thought it was brave thing for Rob to do this, to tackle this story in this way.