Best alternative to ms access for mac

This means you can import and export data from Base into the suite's other applications to create financial reports, mail merges, charts, and more. Built-in wizards and table definitions make it easy for new users to quickly get started building tables, writing queries, and creating forms and reports such as invoices, sales reports, and customer lists.

To learn more, consult the comprehensive user manual and dive into the user forums. If you're still stuck, you can find a certified support professional to help you out. LibreOffice is available under the Mozilla Public License v2 ; if you'd like to join the large contributor community and help improve the software, visit the Get Involved section of LibreOffice's website.

This, plus its spreadsheet-like interface and pre-built wizards, make it a great option for new database users to get going without much background knowledge. Although the application has gone through several name changes—from the original Arca Database Browser to the SQLite Database Browser and finally to the current name in , to avoid confusion with SQLite , it's stayed true to its goal of being easy for users to operate. Its wizards enable users to easily create and modify database files, tables, indexes, records, etc.

Installers are available for Windows, MacOS, and a variety of Linux versions, and its wiki on GitHub offers a wealth of information for users and developers. As the database application in the Calligra Suite productivity software for the KDE desktop, Kexi integrates with the other applications in the suite, including Words word processing , Sheets spreadsheet , Stage presentations , and Plan project management. Kexi's website says its development was "motivated by the lack of rapid application development RAD tools for database systems that are sufficiently powerful, inexpensive, open standards driven, and portable across many operating systems and hardware platforms.

Kexi is available under the LGPL open source license and you can download its source code from its development wiki. If you'd like to learn more, take a look at its user handbook , forums , and userbase wiki.

5 Easy to Use & Free Alternatives to Microsoft Access

NuBuilder Forte is designed to be as easy as possible for people to use. It's a browser-based tool for developing web-based database applications. Its clean interface and low-code tools including support for drag-and-drop allow users to create and use a database quickly.

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  • 4. FileMaker Pro (30 Day Free Trial);
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  • 6. Edit Office Documents in Dropbox.

As a fully web-based application, data is accessible anywhere from a browser. Everything is stored in MySQL and can be backed up in one database file. Help is available in videos and other documentation for topics including creating forms, doing searches, building reports, and more. You can learn more by consulting the nuBuilder Forum or watching its demo video. Do you have a favorite open source database tool for building simple projects with little or no coding skill required? If so, please share in the comments. I'm msaccess applications developer since 17 ago and til now.

I'm looking for an other solutions,. These are great alternatives and I'm grateful that you shared them. I was aware of LibreOffice Base but had not heard of Kexi.

Open Microsoft Access Databases on your Mac

I'll have to check that out. I liked this article on opensource alternatives to MS Access but wanted to say that as interested as I was in nuBuilder4 I spent several hours trying to install it on Ubuntu I searched the nuBuilder User Forum using "installation" and found many pages of questions on the same topic "how to get this installed". I did leave a new Issue on their Github telling them this and a link to all the messages on their own Forum about the same topic and asked if they could produce a better step-by-step guide as it only helps them avoid having to repeatedly respond to the same central question over and over again.

So I'll keep a watch on their project and if I see a better install guide appear I'll give it another shot. The only way to open Access files with MDBLite is to export them to format and convert that file instead.

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MDBLite is however very easy to use. FileMaker Pro is one of the bestselling and most powerful database creation tools on Mac and also works on Windows. Filemaker is actually owned by Apple and as a result looks and works great on Mac. FileMaker Pro is suitable for a wide range of database needs such as managing clients, employee databases, managing projects, tracking inventory etc.

File Maker Pro

FileMaker does not support direct importing of MS Access files. Filemaker Pro is also complemented by the FileMaker Go iPad and iPhone app which allows you to collaborate on projects and modify databases on the move or manage stock more effectively in the workplace instead of using lots of Excel sheets. You can even try it for free and see how well it works in accessing and retrieving data from your Access database. LibreOffice — Base is a free open source solution to create databases on Mac and part of the excellent LibreOffice free office suite which is a free alternative to Microsoft Office on Mac.

Although its very basic, it does allow you to view and export data including Access database formats from to Tap Forms is a user friendly database manager designed specifically for Mac. Tap Forms makes it easy to create databases for accounts, recipes, inventories and more.

You can include things like images, audio recordings and links to other database files. You can try a free trial of Tap Forms before you buy. It goes beyond just database creation though and can easily be used as a powerful but easy to use CRM software for Mac and even as a project management software for Mac. Compared to most database software on Mac, Ninox makes it very easy to create databases and tables, customize layouts and collaborate with other team members on creating databases. One way it does this is by providing templates for different tasks such as timesheet tracking, real estate databases and even listing recipes.

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Even when handling tens of thousands of entries, Ninox handles things superbly for a database software in this price range. Other nice touches to Ninox are the ability to build reports and charts within databases and even generate invoices automatically. You can also sync Ninox with iCloud so that you can buy one license and install it on multiple devices so that you can work on your databases on any Mac or iOS device.

The other thing to be aware of is that Ninox can get a bit expensive if you start adding additional users via Ninox Cloud. John, Thanks for the news. I have even tried Lantica but it would have been so much work to reprogram everything I gave up. Allow me to recommend Data Xtractor data-xtractor. There is another option in the "free to try" category that has been around for a few years.

Database Oasis www. It's geared towards non-technical users and handles the technical parts of creating a database automatically with no database knowledge required by the end user. There is a simple form designer that can be used to layout data screens exactly as users envision them, then all of the technical parts of creating tables, handling relations and other usually high learning curve tasks are handled automatically. It's not necessary to even know what a data table is, let alone how things like field types and other normally difficult tasks are handled.

It's all automatic. With multi user capabilities, sorting, filtering, a reporting engine and other features intuitively handled, the learning curve for getting up to speed for novice users is surprisingly low. There are quite a few pre-installed and set up data templates, so it's possible to get started without even designing a single form - or any of the templates can be easily modified.

It's equally easy to create your own from scratch. Hi, I am using access db rite now in my windows app. But i want to change it to sqlite db. Can you please help me in regard to it? OK - I'm old. But I've been using - and loving - the same database program for the past over 20 years: Prior to that is was named ClairsWorks. It's easy, full-featured, easy to learn, and cheap.

4 open source alternatives to Microsoft Access

I think you can still purchase the software on eBay. If you need to share, you can convert to Access. For an easy to use database for simple home use I have been using MS Works v4. I have had this program since the beginning of time. It does work fine in Windows Businesses probably need Access or other professional database, but MS Works has stood the test of time for ease of use and simplicity.

1. Google Suite

It is no longer supported but you can find it online, try eBay. That is actually quite a good shout if you only need basic tools. You could try Zoho Database, for instance. I have Filemaker Pro 13 and been to the seminars and experience days but can't do what MS Access can do, albeit a relational database, simple things like tick boxes or navigation within various forms. So for me until I see what is included in MA Office , the beta is out now, i will have to use bootcamp and run my database under Windows. I cannot find anywhere on the internet to explain to me why Microsoft can release a Apple version as if you do search on Access for iMack there are lots of people asking the same questions, 'Where is MS Access for iMack'.

I dont like microsoft access - it totally and absolutely sucks - I have taken excel 1 and need to need to plar an exam in access 1 tomorrow. I hope I pass it although online practice quizzes are harder for it than for excel the first part of it. Excel can do almost anything and has so much more straightforward to operate.

Some microsoft salesperson is for the advertising and selling of access. I would. John wrote "Excel can do almost anything and has so much more straightforward to operate Both are the right tool for their intended jobs. It's true that you can create a database in Excel; and I can use the heel of my dress shoe for a hammer in an emergency, but I'd hate to build a house with it! I actually support a client http: But his customer "database table" is stored as a Worksheet, and if he goes in and sorts the worksheet by customer name, for example which he should never do, but he does then his application breaks.

13 Best Access Alternatives & Database Software For Mac

It came factory installed on my Windows 7 Home Premium Laptop. The Jet Engine 4. That's not all!! MDB files as you like. My single database is s of Gigabytes, not limited to 2 Gig. The end-user is oblivious to this. I plan on using this database technology for National databases such as U. For the record, Microsoft Access uses the Jet database engine as its back-end.