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A group of former teachers were there to walk us through the software. We had to add a video introduction, a little poster on what the video was about, and record the last frame of the poem the rest had been completed for us.

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Even with the help of the teachers circulating around the room, my project partner and I failed spectacularly to get Clips to recognize our voices, or to reorder our clips before saving. Kennedy about space exploration. AirDrop was still on, so you can now enjoy my terrible JFK impersonation:.

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We continued on. Apple helpers brought small robots out of cupboards and put them on every table. We connected them to the app, and could program them to dance, using pre-loaded commands.

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One of the teachers informed me that there were tons of commands I could use to make the robot dance, so I scrolled all the way to the end of the list and found one called swagger. I put it at the end of my dance sequence, and fired up the little robot. He jiggled and shook as he went through my commands, and when he got to swaggering, he did the splits, fell over, and his foot popped off.

The teacher was not impressed.

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Mercifully, it ended soon after that. I was supposed to go to another demo on augmented reality apps. Again, much like real high school, I kept to myself and sat on my own. Hi, let me elaborate a little bit on this difficult topic.

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The first question is: What is your primary goal? Is it to understand things in Algebra or to type-set your work? LaTeX is a great tool for the latter. I wrote my master theses with LaTeX containing lots of math formulas. LaTeX is accessible by design as it is based on command line tools. There is an installer for the mac containing a GUI application for input and compilation and that is accessible for the most part too. So you want to show the square root of the term 3 over 4. This would look similar to this in LaTex: Don'T worry, you will get error messages if you make a mistake.

Apple made me go to class to learn about math, history, coding, and iPads

The only problem is: It is not comprehensive for tasks like substitutions or even getting an idea on the equation. This may be done easier with braille but you'll have to put up with the fact that you need to rewrite your work for presentation. When I was in college which was quite a while ago I used a graphical tactile reading machine for this: If you feel comfortable with braille sheets then I would stick to them for transformation work. It seems like Latex is a major waste of time for those who need to represent math in homework assignments or in some programming language.

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Discussing this with a few people that have a PHD in math, the conclusion is that Latex is good for journalism, academic journals, and possibly typesetting for a discertation on math. Anything else is most likely a huge waste of time and money. Not many students have the time to spend 4 months to earn beginner status in Latex syntax to do 8 or 16 homework assignments, then never use it again.

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For those using it in programming, get used to writing it the way a programming language expects it: