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Hey Ayo I'm fast lane switchin' Rap game spittin' Chillin' with some sour Got a bad dame twistin' These people think I'm goofy say Mac's day trippin' Cause life a comedy like my last name griffin what Livin for the moment Blowin' potent overloaded And my swagger call me old spice Yeah the kid is so nice Smokin' in the wind chillin' Duckin' from the police police So bright you know light So I'm shinin' like a strobe lights Leave the show with money and I always count my dough twice Most dope general and that shit is fo life My mama taught me well so I even treat these hoes right I'm polite Workin' in my office but no dwight Coat white skinded no light dimness Me who I am playing sight for these bitches And I ain't even tryna fight with these bitches And I don't got time to spend the night with these bitches.

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In the world that go round you up and you down You in and you out You smile and you frown Just get up, get up Get up, get up Get up, get up Get up. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Get Up Mac Miller. Anderson Paak. Playlists relacionadas.

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It's all good bro, you entertainment for tonight Like I'm a be mad? You hatin' cause I'm white Do a lot a cryin' and leave pain out on the mic Because overall I'm iller than you all Y'all pussy Never ever gone for it all You scared of a little risky coaching call What happened? I thought you were the know-it-all?

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I stay smokin' while haze got a potent smell It take me back to kickin' raps back in Show-And-Tell I wanted to show people, all of my bro's people How to come up like: Look what your son is now [Laughs] See my mom she know her son is well The youngest child, she been through it for a while Now I put 1 on the dial with a smile Cause I'm wild, foul child style Too focused on my grind don't ever catch an "f" My hearts in it now even with five seconds left I want the best won't settle for nothing less And I always stay dressed in something fresh So keep your head on strapped and show respect to the game And that's what this beat messages my brain.

Mac Miller] I know you gotta feel this I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit I know you gotta feel this I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit, I'm on some real shit [Verse: Envie pra gente.

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Mac Miller Shares The Heavy-Hitting Loosie "Speed Racer"

Miller is both wildly prolific and almost absurdly eclectic — in alone, he released music with everyone from Ariana Grande to Project Pat to Camp Lo to Flying Lotus to Lil B, which should be some sort of record. With each new album, every unexpected collaboration and one staunchly anti-commercial move after another, Miller has carved out a unique space for himself within hip-hop as the teen star turned tastemaker.

To celebrate the eternal primacy of Mac Miller, his performance this year at Lollapalooza and his recently announced new album "The Divine Feminine" it's due out Sept.

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Mac Miller, "Diablo". Mac Miller.

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  • Mac Miller Shares The Heavy-Hitting Loosie "Speed Racer".
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Mac Miller and Chief Keef probably have a lot to talk about. Like Miller, Chief Keef was swept into rap stardom as a teen, only to reject fame in favor of pursuing his own idiosyncratic muse. Vince Staples. Staples damn near delivered the verse of his life on this 9th Wonder-produced "Faces" cut.

Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet