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These cache files are kept in the Cache folder in the Library. Over time they can take up a large amount of space on your MacBook disk. If you want to clear all cache files on your MacBook Air, or delete cache of a certain application, take the following steps to do so:. It is better to remove cache files in each folder, instead of the cache folders themselves, to avoid any errors.

So, if you want to remove all cache files, you have to remove items in folders one by one. If you are looking for the fastest and safest way to delete cache on MacBook Air, try the Mac cleaning software from Nektony. The ClearDisk app is one of the most trusted applications that efficiently manages junk files, including cache.

ClearDisk is cache cleaner application. Besides caches, it scans Language Resources, Logs, Downloads and Trash and allows you to get rid of unnecessary items. It takes 1.

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Complete these simple steps to clear cache with this MacBook cleanup utility:. It takes just a few minutes to remove caches with the ClearDisk application. Caches are a kind of temporary files, that are stored on a MacBook disk space and reused when needed to provide faster and more efficient performance of a MacBook.

Usually, they take up a small amount of space, but all together they could require hundreds of megabytes. If not, you now know two ways to clear cache on a MacBook: Please, note that you should be careful when deleting cache on MacBook manually. Also, the manual cache clearing of each app will take a significant amount of time. Alternately, a quick and safe way to clear cache is to use the ClearDisk application. Due to its simple usability, user-friendly interface and prompt work, it is probably the best Mac cleaner among other applications of this type.

You are here: What Is Cache? If you use an official Mac web browser — Safari, complete the next steps to clear caches: Open the Safari browser. In the Safari menu select Preferences. In the Advanced section tick Show Develop menu in menu bar. Click on Develop in the menu bar and select Empty Caches.

The easy way to clear all browsing data

Close the Safari browser to finish the cache clearing. If you use one of the most popular browsers, Chrome, follow the next steps to clear caches: Open the Chrome browser. In the Chrome menu select Preferences. Scroll down and click Advanced. At the end of the list of Privacy and Security section click on Clear browsing data. Tick Cached images and files , choose Time range and click on the Clear Data button. If you use the next most popular search engine, the Firefox browser, take these steps to clear caches: Open the Firefox browser.

Over time cache files build up. These cache files start to take up your storage space and instead of speeding things up, they slow your Mac down. Now, when it comes to clearing cache on Mac, there are two ways you can do it. You can clean them up manually step-by-step, or you can clean them in second with a cleaning utility like CleanMyMac X. If you want to clear cache on your Mac right now, we suggest doing it the easy way:.

User cache makes up the majority of Mac junk on your system.

2 Easy Ways to Clear the Cache in a Mac OS X - wikiHow

A good cleaning could free up gigabytes of free space and speed up your Mac in the process. Make sure that once you have finished clearing out these caches for additional hard drive space, you empty out your Trash.

How to Clear Browser Cache on a MacBook?

These hidden cache files are mainly created by the apps that run on your Mac. What is app cache? Do you need it? Proceed with caution! Not all app cache can be safely cleared. Some app developers keep important user info on cache folders. Backing up a folder before you delete is always a good idea. If everything works fine then you can delete the backup later. To be on the safe side, use CleanMyMac , it works with a Safety Database and knows how to clear app cache safely.

How (and why) to clear the cache on your Mac

Another example of system cache is DNS cache. These are old cache entries that translate internet domain names example. Clear DNS cache regularly to make sure all websites work correctly. We all love to surf the web but every site we visit adds to the growing browser cache. Browser cache temporarily stores website data such as images, scripts, and other stuff, in order to make your browsing faster when you revisit the same site.