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Any workarounds or fixes available? Do I need to look at buying a new pc, as in not a Mac? Thanks Imac 27inch 3. Only restarting will fix this until the next time it's triggerred. I'm on High Sierra Game never actually loads. This behavior began after installing Mojave Jackwagon 0 2d. I played yesterday, but just logged in and my cursor won't move. The keyboard works since I hit the escape key the menu pops up, but I can't select anything. I plugged a mouse into my laptop and it doesn't help.

I restarted my laptop and still no joy. The button works. I was curious how to get the game to quit so I windowed out of SCII moved my mouse manually to where the "exit game" button is in game. Mac OS Feb 8 Cannot move mouse since 4. I recently upgraded to Mojave, but it was not an issue on 4. The mouse still works just fine on any window that isn't SC2, and command-tabbing out of SC2 lets me move the mouse again. But once I pull SC2 up again, the mouse is stuck in place. I can still freely click buttons, but cannot move the cursor around. After multiple tab outs and tab in to position the mouse, I was able to switch to windowed, and the mouse now responds properly in game.

The mouse also responds properly in windowed fullscreen. I would prefer not to play windowed though, so any help would be appreciated. Rasera 5 Feb 8. Jan 30 Game crashes during Scythe of Amon load. Hello all, Every time I go to play coop I have to hope I don't get put into a Scythe of Amon game, since my game will always crash during the load. I've erased the game and redownloaded, but that hasn't solved the issue. I've submitted several troubleshooting reports to blizzard, but this has been going on for well over a month or more. Any thoughts, or ideas? Drpwnsauce 3 Jan Jan 28 Cant launch SC2 since latest patch original report reappeared, this is no longer needed, ignore Ash 0 Jan On attempting to play today I got an un expected fatal error has occurred message when launching sometimes I see the screen go black then get it, sometimes I see a flash of loading screen, sometimes I see a tiny wee window appear then it happens I wondered if this was because I was on High Sierra so took the plunge and updated to Mojave but this has not helped.

About this mac: System Software Overview: System Version: Darwin Macintosh HD Boot Mode: Normal Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: I've tried reinstalling and repairing with no joy. I've disabled anti-virus CyLance for testing and no change. Ash 0 Jan Jan 27 Marauder Keyboard no custom lights I have the Marauder Keyboard and the Razer software that lets you customize the display LED's and I've noticed since I updated to Mojave that it no longer works the way it used to - the software won't acknowledge the keyboard exists.

Does anybody have any idea why?

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I've had to response from Razer, there is no update to the software, and Google only seems to know of people with mouse issues. SoulPosessed 0 Jan Jan 26 Editor crashing when resizing window Good evening, On all three of my OS X devices, the StarCraft II Editor crashes when I try to make the train editor window larger by clicking and dragging in the lower right hand corner.

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First, the train editor window becomes black, and the cursor becomes the spinning beachball rainbow. Then, Mac OS X appends " not responding " after the application name in the activity monitor. The editor also becomes fully unresponsive and crashes if you click the green "full screen" circle button in the upper left hand corner of the editor's train editor window.

This is constant across three different Mac systems so I figured I would report it here so we could maybe get this fixed. I would love to work with the train editor in full screen. Tested and crashing on: Thank you for reading! Matthew StrategySix 12 Jan Jan 25 Mouse sensitivity periodically drops I've been having an issue since recent SC2 updates wherein my mouse sensitivity periodically gets reduced, resulting in an extremely sluggish cursor.

I launch the game fine, my mouse sensitivity is normal in menus. I enter a loading screen, mouse sensitivity still normal. As soon as the game starts, sensitivity will plummet such that moving the cursor from one side of my command center to the other requires more than one full traverse of my mousepad, whereas normally I'd need to move only half an inch.

I've noticed that mouse sensitivity can be temporarily restored be tabbing out of Starcraft and back in. However, after a bit of time passes a few seconds to a few minutes the sensitivity will again plummet without warning or any apparent trigger. After reading other threads about mouse issues, my experiments running in Windowed-mode proper also seem to resolve the sensitivity problem, but as others have noted I then run into problems with cursor containment and of course I'm no longer playing the game in a desirable manner.

I even tried disabling OS keyboard shortcuts as one poster suggested. I have not been foolish enough to forget to unlock the preferences in the corner. Furthermore, my OS is freshly installed on a blank drive as of just two days ago, and thus naturally SC2 is also freshly installed. I am playing in "Full Screen - Windowed". MacOS Everytime I try to resize the window it crashes. This is unacceptable Blizzard! Durzan 1 Jan This issue has been ongoing since the start of the first War Chest.

Videos of the Lag can be found here: War Chest 2 - http: If I do not select the War Chest menu e. I select the Versus menu , it will be fine. I have tried loading the sprites before checking on the lag, the drop in FPS is still there Net app and SC2 which should presumable fix any corrupted files. I really do hope to get some updates regarding this issue, especially since it has been a long standing issue confirmed by a Blue post, and also that it is something that involves cash.

Thanks in advance. Kyrie 0 Jan 8. Jan 7 Initialisation errors I'm not able to launch any campaigns 1 v1 or team games. I've seen windows fixes, any Mac fixes? uses cookies.

Terranse 0 Jan 7. IronBlade 2 Jan 1. However, since then the game wouldn't launch, no matter if I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. When I click on "play", the game would seem like it's running and after about 10 seconds it shows on the dock that the application is not responding. Anyone can help? Greatly appreciated. Shingoukiex Shingoukiex 1 Jan 1. My mouse will frequently become nearly unresponsive. When I try to move it around particularly in the menus it just jitters around in one spot.

Sometimes it will work, but moves VERY slowly.

Starcraft 2 Mac Problems, Crashes, and Fixes

This only happens in SC2, and happens with every mouse I've tried. Frustratingly, I threw away one mouse, thinking it was the problem. I've seen a few threads from reporting this issue in High Sierra, but none of the steps recommended fixed my problem. Anyone else having trouble with that anymore? Any word on an official fix from Blizzard? Dec 25 Mouse pointer does not move in game? I tried to play sc2 after a long time today but my mouse is not working. It works fine outside the game and also in broodwar but not in sc2. I'm running the latest software update both for the game and for my mac.

Dec 23 Sound and graphics ok the issue with my graphics is minor but for some reason when i change the settings to be as low as possible, when i restart the game, it goes back to the highest setting. VoidSham 2 Dec First it was happening during the opening cinematic, which i skipped still haven't seen it in full. It played the bit where Raynor goes to the research station fine I have checked to see if all is up to date and seems so, but the game is completely unplayable at the moment.

Kyrie 3 Dec Dec 16 My mouse cursor does not work inside SC Hello, my mouse cursor does not move when im in sc. D EliteXnoss 6 Dec Dec 7 I can't type anything I was playing a round of special forces elite 4, in which I make hotkeys for several things like units, I went to make a new hotkey and all of the sudden they all disappeared and when I left clicked it would ping instead of selecting, and when I pressed enter to type a message it would give me a message in chat that said I can't toggle the mode while in fullscreen, well I looked it up and other forums said to press alt so I did and that fixed those problems, however now when I press escape, it takes me to the Windows screen as if I pressed the Windows button, also I press enter to type a message and it comes up with the message bar like normal, but when I try to type nothing happens the only key it lets me type is the spacebar, both of these latter issues are the same when I'm just on the main Starcraft 2 screen BigMac 0 Dec 7.

Nov 28 Insufficient Disk Space Blizzard client tells me that 30 GB is required for installation of SC Nov 23 Trackball doesn't respond in full screen. For days now my trackball won't respond in full screen mode. Anyone else experiencing this? Nov 23 SC2 goes to black screen once game is found SC2 goes to black screen once game is found. It does not load the map screen, it goes to a black screen where only the mouse cursor can be seen.

Is this something to do with screen resolution? If so, how can it be fixed? It happens about 1 in 5 games, though it is impossible to predict when it will happen.

I've tried different monitors. Running OS Nov 17 Cannot update to 4. SC2 cannot auto-update to 4. Even I manually checked for update. It told me I have updated game. However, when I tried to launch the game, it told me the version is incorrect. I have run check and repair but it doesn't work. Anyone has any idea how to deal with this problem? Thanks in advance! LakeCarrot 1 Nov The curser tracking is off, tracks normally for a moment, then curser speed drops suddenly. I wish Blizzard would fix this.

Im using a black macbook 07 and when ever I try to play the game the video doesnt come out. I already installed the game twice and I already minimized the screen. I could here the sound perfectly, I could even see the cursor, but I cant see anything else. Does anyone know what I can do to play it on my macbook? My question is, does this new graphics update that I just finished downloading and installing help frame rates in SC2 on the mac side? Remember those pesky Starcraft 2 crashes I wrote about two weeks ago? This update specifically addresses some of the problems with Starcraft […].

The one this I will say though; default settings are everything on High. However, actually using these settings in OSX causes the frame rate to go as low as in some parts of the campaign mode. Hopefully Blizzard will release a patch that fixes the Mac issues and I can get even better performance out of this awesome game without having to reboot and go into Windows.

I have a mac pro that in no way is lacking in computer power. Yet my game crashes so much that I generally go a few days where I am completely unable to play it. I have sent probably to error reports to blizzard and I dont send them every time. When I restart my computer it will usually open once or twice before it starts crashing on the loading screen.

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It also crashes in the campaign upgrade consoles, sometimes when starting multiplayer games, and during the challenges. When it starts crashing on start-up though its done. Growing very tired of trying to continue PC and now Mac gaming. Hardware is very controlled on the Mac platform so the fact that a company even releases a game with this many problems is just garbage. We are customers — not beta testers! Oy there! I have a macbook and an iMac. But then came Starcraft and i agree with the others, i have to run many things on High and a few things on medium in OSX. The question is: I have the same problem too.

The game has been working alright since I bought it but today it just freezes at login. No clue why…. It found some stuff and repaired it. This is an overheating problem. I never have this problem on Mac probably coz I can never have the settings higher than Medium anyway where I have it on Bootcamp at High settings.

Weird solution but I use an electric fan to cool the MacBook down in Bootcamp while playing.

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  6. Another solution is to use those external coolers — which will help you prolong the life of your MacBook anyway. This has been the case since Warcraft 2 as far as I know. Will Apple ever fix their terrible NVidia drivers? This problems seems to have just been around far too long. I was having similar unfixable black screen problems until I figured out my graphics card has TWO physical ports on it.

    Switching the monitor cable to the other port, after shutting down then restarting computer fixed everything and the game is now working perfectly every time! I try to open the game normally, but I see SC2 jumping in the dock but it disappears again and does not open. This has happened before and I fixed it with a second installation, is there another way? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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