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Edited by Queen-Evie, 07 June - Some of it will depend how the hotel manages their network. Some use passwords, some use splash screens and some just have open networks. Some splash redirects don't work right away and take a couple minuets to come up. Other redirects don't work with some browsers like Chrome. Last, try manually entering in a website in the address bar to trigger the redirect.

Thanks, I just disconnected the ethernet cable I'm using in this hotel, and opened IE looking for a splash screen, since the wifi was connected, received "this page can't be displayed", disconnected and reconnect wifi and received the same message. Are you sure your connected to the hotel's wifi for guests? Are you getting a normal IP with all it's settings gateway, dns, etc?

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Maybe the AP your wired to can only give 1 IP out and there for the wireless won't work? I would suggest contacting the Hotels's hospitality and see what normal procedure is. When I worked for Wifi hospitality in Vegas we would sometimes have to manually whitelist the MAC address of the second device. Usually the smaller hotels that had the more limited cheaper systems. One trick is to clone the mac address of the first device to the second device.

See link below on how. Posted 08 June - I've stood at the front desk of several of the hotels following their instructions again to double check and be as close to the routers as possible. I have been whitelisted at several locations to solve the wifi issue. People at the front desk are generally clueless. Comes down to if you can't get their Wifi to work, don't pay for it.

There isn't going to be one trick, since every system is a little different. Is there anything in the room for a group to call besides the front desk? Also, you didn't answer any of my other questions. Agree about people at front desk. Not sure how to check. The reason I think I'm connected is because I receive the same "connected" message that I receive in other hotels, etc. Also, the routers are supposed to work with many users.

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Also, this probably doesn't matter, but I've been accessing this hotels network using an ethernet cord when the wifi that was "connected" won't work and I tried 2 different browser for the splash screen. Did the wired connection give you a splash screen before connecting? If front desk is useless, try asking other people staying there? Have you EVER connected wired and wireless at the same time at that hotel? Need to first see what is normal before we even know what is "broken". Also, what OS are you running? When I can connect I usually receive a splash screen.

Normally when not able to connect, I do not receive a splash screen. Eitherway, this is sounding more like a hotel problem. This will be my last post. Good luck. Posted 11 June - Since all these numbers must be or less, I assume you meant Otherwise what you posted makes no sense. Make regular full system backups or you'll be sorry sooner or later.

Male Local time: Page content loaded. May 18, 2: In some hotels I've stayed at you had to use their software to connect to the internet. Check with the front desk and see if there's anything you need to do to connect. My iPhone that I am now using on wifi - I am roaming connects OK, which eliminates a few possibilities. I think I have exhausted the network diagnostics and assistant, though I could have another look. May 19, 7: I copied the IP address that the hotel had assigned to my iPhone in the But this seems to have killed the wifi connection on my iPhone: There is no solution.

There will always be a support number. Call it. The last time this happened to me, they actually had a technician on site. He finally had to reboot the entire hotel network. That fixed it. May 19, 8: May 19, 9: It is always with the hotel. If you don't believe me, get an ethernet cable and hook that up.

Unable to connect to wifi at some hotels and able to with many others

Hotel networks are not cut and dry working or not working. I'm surprised your iPhone connected.

Perhaps it connected earlier. Then the 4 kids on your floor fired up their P2P software. Nobody new will connect to the network until they leave. May 19, I wish it were so simple!

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Just search for many other people who have had problems with self-assigned IP addresses on their Mac when others can connect to the same network. That's not really a solution. Hotels are notoriously unreliable for internet. They don't have any better connection that you do at home on your cable modem or DSL - they just share it with a few hundred more people.

Just checking e-mail can be a challenge. If you are traveling and need reliable connectivity, get yourself a 3G device. You can get devices that can share the signal over wifi with a number of your own devices. May 19, 1: I don't agree that the "the hotel's DHCP server has crashed or been overwhelmed". I was unable to connect even at offpeak times, and have had the same experience before. It is a problem with the Mac software that other people have experienced. When you get a self-assigned IP address, the wifi icon includes a "!

When travelling nationally a 3G device is a very good solution even better my UK account for the iPhone includes tethering, so I can use that to connect my Mac to the internet in the UK. Unfortunately when travelling to other countries, data roaming costs are prohibitive, so the 3G solution is not economic in that situation. As I have said before, I am not the only one who has been consistently unable to connect a Mac to some wifi networks when other devices are able consistently able to connect. May 19, 2: I don't dispute that.

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I'm just saying there is no "magic bullet" to get it to work. I have hacked up my DHCP too a couple of times. There is virtually an infinite number of routers in the world, all with levels of system health. There is no way you will be able to connect to all of them.