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Also, it should be mentioned that server administration particularly at the command line level can be tricky. Nice work.

How to install a VPN on a Mac | Setup VPN for Mac -

Launch Server. So far, so good. Now things get a little trickier, as we need to dive into the command line a bit to get NAT and routing set up. Breathe easy, we've got each other's backs here, and we will take this step by step. One additional but important! The quotation marks used here in terminal commands are "straight" quotes. Some web browsers and text editors may automatically convert these marks to smart curly quotes, particularly when copying and pasting.

It's important to use straight quotes when entering the commands from this tutorial in Terminal. Inside the terminal window that appears, enter the following command as a single line , and press return: Enter your password you wont see the cursor move while you type your password and press return:. Upon doing this, you should expect to see the following text file open inside of nano, our friendly command line text editor:. Okay, we are now going to add three custom lines to this document.

Red arrows in the picture below indicate where these lines should go. To move the cursor into the correct place to add these lines, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Now we need to tell nano to save the changes you made to this text file.

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This will be a three step process, and we'll take it one step at a time. Upon doing so, you will see this:.

And finally, nano is already suggesting the proper location to save the file you edited, so simply press return to accept its suggestion:. Since you are now a nano expert, let's use it once more, this time to create an entirely new text file. Start nano up again as follows:. Upon entering the command above and pressing return, you will be reunited with your friend nano, now editing a new text file which, thus far, contains no text:.

If you are using private IP addressing other than And now that these two lines have been added, well, you know the drill, the old three-step save: Select Continue. Navigate to http: Create a Username and Password. Enter your Email address. Note the host name shown which is free, but if you want to pay you can get more options. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Select Sign Up. Email Confirmation Will be Sent. Click the Link in the Email.

Download the Update Client. This client will run in the background and check to see if your IP address has changed, and if it has, will send it to no-ip. Download and Install the Client. Enter Your No-iP. Click OK. It may take a few moments for the host name you selected at no-ip.

Setting up VPN in Mac OS X

Select Update Now. Turn on the Daemon. I chose this rather than running the application in the background all the time.

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Install Xcode. Install Java. Xcode only installs the standalone Java, and it does NOT include the Java Web plugin that has been the subject of so many security vulnerabilities lately. Type xcodebuild -license to Open the License Agreement. Type Agree. Joy of Agreement. Navigate to https: Install MacPorts. Enter These Commands in the Terminal. To run the self update to Macports enter: Open the VPN Software.

Enter sudo port -v install openvpn2 and watch a lot of glop go by…. Download tuntap drivers from http: Open the Package File in the folder after tuntap expands. Type These Commands to Unarchive the Scripts.

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Enter this command: Keep Answering Questions. The first time through you need to answer these.

Use a VPN Client (The Easiest Thing)

These steps will be duplicated MANY times, but after this the answers will be there and you can simply hit Enter for each questions. And Again for Some Reason. Keep Answering….

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And Again. And Again…. Finder Window Opens Showing config-files. Copy this file to Dropbox. It will be the first connection file you test.