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How to rearrange app icons on your iPhone

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Tip You can use text instead of icons to represent items in a navigation bar or toolbar. You can also use a fixed space element to provide padding between navigation and toolbar icons.

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Use the following icons in tab bars. Use the following icons in home screen quick action menus. System Icons The system provides built-in icons that represent common tasks and types of content in a variety of use cases. Navigation Bar and Toolbar Icons Use the following icons in navigation bars and toolbars.

Click on the smiley face in the dock to go to the Finder, and then click on the View menu to select the View Options. Or you can just hit Command-J on your keyboard when in the Finder to do the same thing.

OSX Mountain Lion for iPad - Theme Thursday

Crank up the icon size to X , and then drag the Grid Spacing slider all the way to the right as well. This will make sense as soon as you place your application and folder icons out onto the desktop.

Make Your Mac Look And Act More Like An iOS Device [Feature]

Also, choose Sort by Snap to Grid to make sure you can place your icons in alignment with each other. Next, open the Finder and choose Preferences.. In the General tab, uncheck Hard Drives and other volumes you may have on your Mac to hide them from view. Similarly, hit Option-Command-D to hide the Dock from view if you want to have your Mac look like the screenshot above. From the Applications Folder in Lion, at least, just drag the icon out to the Desktop and wait a second.

The icon will enlarge and grow a little alias arrow in the lower left.

Make Your Mac Look And Act More Like An iOS Device [Feature] | Cult of Mac

You can also just hit the Command-L on your keyboard with an icon selected for non-Application folders, like Movies and Pictures and such. First, open up Terminal, which is in the Utilities folder, itself found in the Applications folder.

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Once in Terminal, type or paste the following code:. If you want to put it back to the default, paste the following command into Terminal:. When you launch Launchpad, the screen background is all blurry. This will switch it to a black and white photo.

What Does Alarm Clock Icon On An App Mean (iPad)?

Finally, start putting apps back into Launchpad. Go to the Finder and open the Applications folder. Drag the apps you want in your Launchpad to the icon of the Launchpad in your dock. Once you have all the apps you want, experiment with folders, iOS-style, by dragging one app on top of another app. I first noticed it with the Twitter apps, and now more and more apps are using this style of refresh.