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When the Migration Assistant launches on your PC, click through the welcome screen, until you're asked to start the Migration Assistant on your Mac. The Migration Assistant may ask you to enter the name and password of a user with an administrator account. Click Continue , enter an admin name and password, and click OK.

The Migration Assistant will display options for the source of information to copy to your Mac. Depending on the specific version of the Migrations Assistant you are using, you should see either an option to select: The Migration Assistant will display additional source options.

In order for the Migration Assistant to continue, it must close any other applications that are running on your Mac. Click Continue to close any open apps and proceed with the migration process. Your PC's icon and name should display in the Migration Assistant window. When it does, click Continue. The display will now show you a multi-digit passcode. Write this number down, and take it to your PC. The Migration Assistant will display a passcode. It should match the one that was shown on your Mac. If the passcode matches, click Continue and then return to your Mac.

The Migration Assistant will display a list of items you can migrate to your Mac.

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The Migration Assistant can also copy additional files, such as shared files, logs, and other files and documents it finds on your PC. Select the items you wish to copy, and click Continue. Both Migration Assistants will display the ongoing progress of the copy operation.

How to Move Files to New Mac - Migration Assistant Tutorial

Learn how to choose a good password. After you log in to the user account that you migrated, be sure to authorize your Mac in iTunes. If not, make sure that the computers are connected to the same network. You can create an isolated network if you connect a single Ethernet cable between your Mac and PC. It might block network ports that Windows Migration Assistant needs to work. After migration completes, you can turn on your Firewall software. Then try to open Migration Assistant again. After migration completes, you can turn on your antivirus software.

There are other options you can use to transfer your data. Migration Assistant lets you choose the data to move to your Mac. Email, contacts, and calendar information Migration Assistant moves your email messages, mail account settings, contacts, and appointments. This depends on your Windows version and the accounts that you have. You can manually migrate Mail, Contacts, or Calendars from Outlook or Outlook by signing in and entering the content on your Mac manually. Photos and other images copy to your Home folder.

You can add these files to Photos. After you migrate, open Photos and let it search your Mac for photos to import. Other files You can also choose whether or not to move these files during migration:. The only exception is Mail app for Windows 8. System settings Your language and location settings, web browser homepage, and custom desktop pictures transfer to System Preferences settings in macOS.

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Each time you migrate, your Mac creates a new user account. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. I get that the PC could be at fault, but why would the Mac also not recognize that something is connected to its ethernet port? Oct 12, I received a reply from "den. It's not that I can't move files - I know I can do that, I want to avoid having to manually spend weeks recreating all the calendar items and email accounts we have dozens , nested folders of emails and massive amounts of data already there.

The whole point of Migration Assistant is to do all this. Why do not the computers recognize each other when connected via ethernet cable? It's the very first thing we are doing when turning it on. This is why I said in my first post that we have done everything in the link you provided, it is supposed to turn on, recognize so you can do something.

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We aren't even being recognized and I'm staring at a whirling thing saying "looking for a computer" for hours Apple Care says it should do this and they don't understand it. The blame seems to be on the PC of course , but my question in my second post is that I still don't get why the Mac also doesn't "see" that something is connected to it Or use FileDrop.

Then the formatting of a USB drive won't matter, since all you'll be moving is files that can be opened on either system. A simple ethernet to ethernet connection WON'T do. Try connecting BOTH through a router. Thanks though, I'll keep FileDrop in mind the next time my daughter is here with her pc and were sharing photos and music. The Apple Migration instruction specifically tell you to connect an ethernet cable, and Apple care told me to do the same thing.

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See "Before you begin the transfer process" here:. I'm at the "Select the Source" window image except there is no "Source" for me to select because I just see "looking for other computers However I did try to connect my new Mac physically to our Time Capsule which is the Wifi router for the office and it still didn't recognize anything. The PC is wirelessly connected on the same network. Bear in mind this is on initial start up of a new Mac - initial set up. The first thing you are greeted with is is "do you want to transfer from another Mac, or PC, etc. And you are not "in" the computer yet to connect it to a Wifi network.

It is supposed to recognize on its own - but I'm not sure how it does this. The Apple Care guys said I was doing everything correctly and they can't understand it. This PC is only 1 year old and the iMac brand new. This is why I'm assuming its got to be something hidden in the PC that isn't allowing the computers to recognize each other. How do I connect them on the same router??? Can I physically connect the PC via ethernet to the Time Capsule and also the iMac physically via ethernet to the Time Capsule and have them recoginze each other???

Unless the iMac recognizes this on its own, I can't do this in pre-set up mode cuz it's not on a "network" I couldn't agree MORE. Last night just disabling their virus protection stuff took forever and the only way you can "turn it off" is to completely uninstall it. It's beyond obnoxious, hence why I want our office moved to a Mac!!! Oct 12, 3: Okay I went by an Apple store to ask their opinion and the guy told me that H F McBob is correct - that I can't connect the 2 computers via ethernet even though that is what the Migration insturctions say to do , but he said that I shoud be able to connect each computer via ethernet to the Time Capsule and have them recognize each other.

The PC is clear across the room and no where near the internet line, so I would either have to buy a REALLY long ethernet cable to drag over to it, or take the whole computer apart to try and get it near the TC. The mac of course is no problem to move.

There are multiple ways to move Windows files to the Mac

I just don't want to do all this if this will not really act as a network I guess as a server of sorts. I am confused as the TC manual says that it can be used without internet, but I don't seehow I've tried rebooting it without a connection.

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I do not know why the internet is involved at all since what we need is the TC to act as a wireless router which it is and do not need to involve the internet at all to link the 2 computers. I will try and post this as well in the Time Capsule section of discussion. I know this will turn out to be something really simple and dumb and I'm just not seeing it. Oct 12, 7: A router works best. About eleven years ago I went through a two week learning process when I tried to connect two iMacs via ethernet. Couldn't do it to save my life.

I asked about fifteen people until someone finally told me to get a router I did, and suddenly they were connected.