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Searching taps Agent Zebra Agent Zebra 1, 4 16 Cody Haines Cody Haines 8 Thank you. I tried it, terminal has hung I think, this was the last thing it said, what does it mean?

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How long did you let it run before terminating it? That's just a typical homebrew installation. It's compiling mongodb from source, so it should take a couple minutes and you won't necessarily see any output. Thanks I didn't know that o. Lot's of crazy messages on doing mongod -v but, maybe I can figure it out from here. Thanks for your help!

How To Install Mongodb On Mac

More specifically, mongod -v simply runs mongod in verbose mode, instead of displaying the version information. Good luck: This answer seems a bit dated. I have the latest version of mongo installed, thanks to. First, install it: Now I have 3. I can kill the running DB and start my test DB.

How to install earlier version of mongodb with homebrew? - Stack Overflow

When I am finished, I can switch back to the latest version: I got into a rabbit hole with different versions, and this is the only solution that worked for me. I was able to install it using these instructions: Download the latest binary: Create the directories switch 'youruser' with your home user name: Create an alias so that issuing mongod always read the config file: Livi17 Livi17 2 13 Vidar Vidar 2 9.

CodeShadow CodeShadow 2, 1 12 Addition to the excellent answer of joeytwiddle: Homebrew is a bit unique from Yum, I would check out the Wiki here and do some reading if you want to learn more. That is it, short and easy.

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First off, when installing MongoDB from Brew, it will install it into: Hello guys, You can go through free online big data and hadoop tutorials at http: All the concepts are very clear and easy to understand. More by the author: First off what is Homebrew? We will use a Ruby call to go the install. It will explain what it is going to do, and then do it for you. Some simple brew commands.