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Just one question: Will it be fixed? Yes, what video formats will it convert? I am trying to convert a. Unknown format What does this mean? I am deaf. I am using this but want to make sure English subtitles are shown for every video file i convert. Can you give me steps on how to do that? I did download AviSynth but not sure what to do next.

Thanks much! Aide Ipod Any suggestions? Thank you, Eye-Pod. A liltte documentation about the profiles would be nice. Test-opened the new version: Now will test on a movie, article coming up then. Thank you very much, impressively fast reaction! It should proceed automatically without this error message, right? Just ran it for the first time and had to hunt hi and low to see where it had saved it.

It put it into this directory:. Thanks noda, Just changed it location and tried again, yes it saved it in the right place this time. Now the file has an icon showing its an MPg4, itunes doesnt recognise it and using gspot the only information it shows is the container:. Instalujemy AVISynth…. Trying to make it work, unsuccessfully so far. Trying to convert an avi file using the. It starts the conversion and after a moment it stops automatically and give this log: Stream 0. The result is a 51kb size MP4 file containing a sec stretched message saying: You can try installing vobsub filter as explained in the help problem with subtitles.

I even copied the vsfilter. No good at all. Great prog, like how lightweight it is. P Awesome werk! I leave my pc on for days just converting and converting! The mp4 file will not synch to my ipod. It will go into Itunes and play through itunes with no problem, but when I try to synch to ipod it says it does not recognise the format, so it will not put it on the ipod.

Rebecca, did you ever get an answer to your qestion? The app rocks. Congrats on a great implementation of a very useful idea. Am I doing something wrong? Subtitle function is awesome. Great app. Really good program! Only one problem, like Genesis. If I put this file on my Internal HD, there is no problem anymore! Do you know from were it could be coming from? User Agent IDExplanation: Great little app. Seems to be having a problem converting an mkv clip x video, AC3 audio I have. It just stops and a small file is created incomplete.

No log is presented either. Maybe you should have it unchecked standard, or have it save the last used settings to an ini-file in the same folder as the app. That would still keep it portable and clean. This app is the reason I still own an iPod. It has been working perfectly for me since the first day I tried it. Now, I want to change the directory converted videos are placed in. I imagine this could be done by editing the source code. Could someone direct me as to what I must do to modify the source code? July 11, at July 11, at 9: Image quality is great, even at highest settings it encodes over fps on my core2duo.

I am thinking of making a donation, since this little program is so nice.. But i stumbled across one problem.. It wont convert svcd files mpeg That was a real downer. I have all codecs installed.. Maybe you can implement that in next version?.. Thanks for a great program.. I like how you keep it small and simple.. And of course.. Without ads! Fantastic app, searched high and low for something this simple. However, the one issue for me is that is always saves the encoded file in the same directory as the original file, not the ipodme directory. First, I would like to thank Noda for the application.

Second, for the people with the subtittle issue, I think I founded the problem. I think Genesis message 38 had same problem, his path is in portuguese …C: Mine too. I hope this can help others with same problem, and Noda, to fix it. It seems that ipodme saves the encoded files to the same directory as the first video in the batch list. Not the same folder as ipodme, but all on the same folder. Great program. Works quick and without problems… but… after using it for the first time version1. Ipodme creates the converted files in the same folder as the source if you run it from a network drive.

If you run it from a local drive it works as expected. Is there anything i can try to fix that? So I guess it has got something to do with Avisynth. One with and the other without the subtitles. By the way, ipodme is currently my favourite encoder to use with my ipod touch. Will you ever incorporate a 2 pass profile this would give superb picture quality even on a kbps video.

Profile 1: The reason i ask about profiles with kbps listed is that if i have an avi encoded at kbps then i only need to reencode at kbps or lower there is no point in throwing more kbps at it than what is needed. At the moment with your profiles noone knows what the kbps quality is so we are blindly reencoding.

Hey Noda! Can not resample 3 channels Hz to 2 channels Hz Ready. Any ideas how to fix this? If I turn off the subs it works ok…. Badghost solved the issue for the people that have Windows XP in portuguese. Changing the variables as explained on his post 87 solved my issue with subtitles as well. NET 2. I only have. I waited almost 2 hours for them to convert and do not know where they went. On the console output you have the -threads set to auto but I read someware that setting it to zero will use all available.

Utile soprattutto per coloro che cercano un programma essenziale e veloce: I am having the same issues that many people had.

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It works perfect with no subtitles in it, but when i try to rip it with the subs it records a 15kb file with a message in it. I have already tryed to put the vsfilter. And have already tryed to change the way to the temp file and none of this have worked for me. Conversor, […]. It appears as Y: I can confirm that there is NO speed increase on a Core Duo whatsover between this version and the one Noda has up on his site. The only advantage is that some more exotic input formats can be read Real Video 4 without DirectShow.

The soft subtitles only works with the iPod. To see them on your pc, use quicktime and rename the file to m4v, however the subtitle size will be messed up. Hello Noda, it seems that 2. With 2. What exactly did you include in this version?

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A list of what the updates entail should be published, I think. Never buying an assembled unit again. I can however suggest you using some tool to control the frequency of you CPU, like rmclock never tested it on a desktop though as now the desktop CPU have frequency control like laptop CPU, this could help you manage your heat problem. I tested various sources video at Even testing my fps detection function with the data of your log did not showed any problem.

Could you please upload an extract 10s should be enough of your video to rapidshare or megaupload and post the download link here? Seems like a really great piece of software. However, I am unable to get the soft subtitles to work on my iPod Touch. Anything I need to change on the device. You need to enable subtitles in the options, then activate them by click the board icon while playing the video. I even tried using the same exact condition as you same fliename, path, custom parameters and could not reproduce the problem. Ipod video converter that is reliable, portable, and lightweight freewaregenius.

Tagged with: Puoi lasciare un commento, o un trackback da tuo sito. Darn, I really liked this app. With videora there was an option I could hit that allowed me to fix that. Do you try to convert multiple video at a time or only this one? Filed under: Es necesario tener. El […]. The profiles are easy enough to figure, keeping in mind that slower encoding also means better video quality. It supports batch conversion and the new video files are created by default in the same folder as iPodME. Simply the best convertor for iPod video.

It does make me wonder why those other, commercial convertors are so bad — good work, thanks for this little programme! Maybe an idea for V3? Nice job!

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This new version is great but sometimes I have some problem with soft subtitles: I think there are a bug with my srt file. Anyone can help me? If you want a srt file, ask me by email. You can check there at the end what may have caused the problem with subtitles. Seems stream 0 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate: Same symptoms, video converted successfully without throwing any exception but only got audio no video. I like your program very much and I feel it is 1 of e definitive converters!

I see nothing wrong there… Did you tried the video on your iPod? Hey Noda, u r right! However, I do have some faint memories that I was able to view the convertED videos on my laptop directly b4…oh well…. This is another great tool to convert video for your iPod and also free to […]. I look for an error in the srt file on the line but i find nothing, help me please. This is the srt file line to Yes, the error is obviously in your. I converted a A simple converter that supported multi-core.

Finally, I can put videos quickly and efficiently onto my iPhone 3G. I think, you must add this functionality in the next version of your software check and correct automaticaly the invalid UTF characters. Try to uncheck that option to keep the aspect ratio of your video. Maybe I could send you two screenshots which shows the problem. Hi, one more time, I have the same probleme with UTF character. Obviously, this problem affect a lot of subtitles. Do you think you can correct automaticaly this problem in the next version of your great software? Hey, just tried your software. I tested it on an encode of an anime episode with subtitles embeded in the input mkv.

However, there are no subtitles on the output, and the encoder only used one core during the whole operation. Embedded subtitles are NOT supported, only external. If the size of your video is different than the internal AR bad practice it may be distorted. This software works really well.

Thank you! Just a side note. When I have 2 external.

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If I use only one either en or fr , subtitles are displayed right. Download iPodME 2. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Great Program. I really like batch encoding feature with subtitle support. Need to add ttext: In addition, when I open the container, it shows isom: MP4 v1 [ISO Original from apple trailer M4V: Apple iTunes Video. M4V Video — M4A: M4A Audio — mp MP4 v2 [ISO ] — isom: I hope next release will have following features: Subtitle language selection or optional input language input field 3.

M4V file saving Not mp4 4. SMI subtilte support. I hope that next version improve subtitle import! One problem is that with m4v files, subtitles are played with a bad position in quicktime, and mp4 files are more universal. Thanks anyway. This is a link to a file with the problem: SMI is synchronized accesible media interchange which is from Microsoft. Korea uses subtitle in.

The convertor distorts aspect ratios, in Slow and Fast profiles. However, the Turbo profiles works fine. Another problem that I have found: If I have a movie with English and French audio, only the first audio track will get converted and the other one will get lost. Try playing it on quicktime or any video player that respect aspect ratio for example, it will be distorted the same way.

Noda, thanks for your answer. It shows only black screen — but these black screens are always in the right aspect ratio and resolution, no distortion. Multiple audio streams in iPod videos are possible, just like multiple subtitles. For instance, see the screenshots at http: Your problem is exactly the opposite, the internal Could you possibly add a feature to create one big file out of several YouTube videos? Like if you are downloading a show that is in many videos and want it to be put back together into one file? Also, when the encoding input folder is the same as the output folder, and the input file is already MP4, you should check the filename to make sure the source file will not be overwritten resulting in a video that is only 1 frame long.

I will probably add some advanced and custom options to specify explicitely the aspect ratio of videos. Noda Thanks for your explanation. I understand what you mean, however, I cannot make any other software show anything wrong with the files. I downloaded GSpot 2. Some examples:.

SAR 1. Both should be identical. If they are different, FFmpeg use the AR from the video stream which is the right choice and overrides the AR of the container. I try the new version with a file including an UTF8 problem and it works very well! This is great — I had a. Maybe an MP4 produced by Nero is not fully compliant with standards?

Noda, thanx!

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Trying to use iPodME to convert a video from an incorrect ratio of 3: My mistake, apparently the iPod displays it correctly. The converted file has a SAR of 3: Could you help me please??? Select videos you want to convert, select a profile and screen size. Can […]. Thanks for adding the aspect ratio options noda. Getting some unusual results with output resolution. I still have a little proplem with sub-titles: Impossible to read them in the mp4 file I run the 2. I have the film. The soft well indicates the processing of the srt but at the end, when I watch the mp4 in VLC, no sub apears!

Other questions, Does the conversion of a mkv file works? If it does, how select the audio and sub channels before the conversion? Useful Freeware Utilities and stuff She gets her stomach pumped. Thanks in advance!! It says I need to run a version of the NET framework.

Can someone help me out? I appreciate it. Thanks for the software. I have checked that I have Net framework. I have XP,it had net framework 1. Thanks for helping out. ZIP archives, like 7zip http: You also need to update your. Net frameword to at least version 2. It sounds great.

But I have no clue how to get it on the ipod. Has a solution for the audio sync problem been determined? Thanks for this excelent job, its amazing and very easy to use.

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Perfect program. Is there a solution for it? Very good software!! What should Mozilla do in your opinion in regards to content blocking and privacy? The post Firefox Cryptomining and Fingerprinting protection appeared first on gHacks Technology News. Le temps de traitement de la demande: A new commit on the Chromium development site suggests that Google is testing a new feature for Chrome called Never Slow Mode designed to speed up the loading of webpages.

Websites have grown in size significantly over the years. A KeyCDN analysis found that the average webpage size increased from about Kilobytes in to Kilobytes in Internet speeds on the other hand have not increased nearly as much in that time in many regions and the same is true for computing resources; this leads to longer loading and processing times. Google published prototype code recently on the Chromium development site that addresses some of that. The main idea behind Never Slow Mode is to introduce budgets for certain types of resources.

Values tested right now include limits for stylesheets, images, scripts, and fonts. Stylesheets for instance are limited to a size of Kilobytes and images to a total image budget of 2 Megabytes. Resources that exceed the budget are blocked by the browser. Google notes that some resource types, e. Service Workers, are not restricted, and that the size limits apply to the compressed state of resources.

Dinsan Francis found the description of the experimental flag in the code. It is called Enable Never-Slow Mode:. Enables an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience. Google warns that the feature may break sites as content is blocked.

Both don't work at the time of writing. It is unclear, at this point, if blocked content will be loaded when resources are available again or blocked for good. Blocking scripts, images, and other content types could certainly break a lot of websites. It will be interesting to see how Google plans to address that. Mindful Break is a free browser extension by Google for the Google Chrome web browser designed to remind users to take breaks and to provide tips on how to spend the time during breaks.

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The extension, designed for anyone how works on the computer for an extended period, is a simple application at its core that offers two main functions:. Sitting in front of a PC for eight hours or longer is not particularly healthy, especially if you don't take breaks regularly. Taking breaks, small and large, is essential if you work on a computer day in day out. I have my own set of habits to take breaks during work, e.

Mindful Break may assist you if you either forget to take breaks regularly or don't fill these breaks with something meaningful. I know plenty of people in IT who spend their breaks in front of the computer using it for other non-work related activities. The extension adds an icon to Chrome's main toolbar that you may interact with. A click on the icon displays some advice and options to take breathing exercises. A click on the "try a breathing exercise" link displays a one-minute clip that helps you breathe in and out during that time period.

An option to go full-screen is provided to stay focused on the exercise and blend out any of the distractions on the screen. Mindful Break won't display notifications by default. The default notification interval is set to never; you need to open the settings of the extensions -- with a click on the settings icon in the break reminder window or on chrome: Options include displaying notifications in intervals, e.

You may restrict notifications so that they are only displayed in a specific time period, and define the type of notification you would like the extension to use. Supported are browser notifications, sounds, or badge icon notifications. The extension runs offline and requires only notification permissions during installation.

It has not been updated since which means that content may get stale a bit after a while once you read all the tips. Mindful Break is a useful extension for Chrome users -- it may run in other Chromium-based browsers as well - who have troubles taking short breaks when they work extended periods in front of a computer. The extension suggests breathing exercises only; it would have been great if it would support other health-related exercises, e. PC software, e. Skip to main content.

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