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Tatsur0 View Profile View Posts. This may help Originally posted by twe4ked:. My Portal 2 was doing that as well. It took reverting my video driver back to its original oem driver to fix it. Funnily enough, it was only Portal 2 that was doing that. All other games worked fine. Originally posted by jones Last edited by Radnave ; 28 Jun, 8: However, Half life 2 runs fine, I'm only having trouble with portal 2.

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Last edited by Radnave ; 28 Jun, 9: Radnave, I hadn't updated my video driver since before the last time I had played but something changed with steam or something and reverting my video driver fixed it. Try it or don't, that's up to you, but it sounds like the same exact problem I was having and that's how I fixed mine. Arucard View Profile View Posts.

Originally posted by Radnave:. Last edited by Arucard ; 29 Jun, 5: Ok, here is what I did in order: The preparing to run window appeared, and closed almost immediately. After 5 minutes, a glance at the task manager shows that the portal2. I restarted my computer, and tried starting portal again, with the same results. I am going to try another full install when I get the chance. Its probably your version of computer, or the cache files.

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Elmosservant View Profile View Posts. Try uninstalling and reinstalling hte game. Alexor81 - I doubt that is the issue, since I was playing it 3 weeks ago, and I've been using this PC for 3 years.

I have the same class processor and OS as the OP. Last edited by Radnave ; 29 Jun, It has to be the Graphics card. A friend made a comment saying that is holding the PC back quality wise. Pretty much saying the video card sucks and all of the other things are too much better to run with it. Portal 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. Matimoo View Profile View Posts. I start portal 2 it loads the game there is no window and then the game close does anyone have the same problem and does anyone know how to fix this I just bought the game and I wanna play it so bad. Showing 1 - 15 of 25 comments.

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Bynx View Profile View Posts. I have played portal on my mac and it worked if that doesn't solve the problem let me know and i'll see if i can find the fix! I have attempted to verify the files 3 times, I have deleted and re-installed the game, and I have looked all over the Steam support site for any ways to fix this problem. I have had nothing work so far with Portal 2, but I had the same problem with TF2 a while back.

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I somehow fixed it, but I do not know how. TF2 and portal have been recently patched this could have affected it however if i go install it on my mac right now it should come up with the same issue if it is due to the patch. So i will set it installing and let you know tomorrow as i'm off to bed now so if mine works we know its something on your end if it doesnt its proberly a steam issue but i can still check out the problem first hand if it doesnt work let you know tomorrow as soon as i can.

Same problem hear. Hey turns out i didnt fall asleep before it finished ok i thought maybe it was the new instalation after patch causing the issue i can tell you that is not the problem because i just installed it on my Macbook pro and it runs fine no crashes, So the question is what is causing the problems? Saithar View Profile View Posts. Mine installs and runs fine for the first few levels, I only have sentry problems, if they hit me the game crash. So there are some issues in there, probably introdused with the latest patch.

I had a similar problem with another game and it helped running windowed mode, seems the new gfx detect routines isnt working well with all gfx cards. I run a macbook pro 16gb ram nvidia m 2gb with latest os and patches.

I hope they fix the problems as myself I cant play the game until they do, and im sure youre eager to get into the game yourself ;.